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The Rape Victim

The Rape Victim
Clinical and Community Interventions

Volume: 185

April 1991 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Rape--it's an all-too-familiar event in many women's lives. But what is being done to prevent its occurrence? How do victims deal with the trauma of rape? How are local agencies dealing with the increase of victims? How effective are available treatment programs? From the causes of rape to its lingering effects, from disclosure to treatment, The Rape Victim offers the most complete examination to date on this most heinous crime. The authors address the trauma of rape, prevention, rape as a community issue, rape crisis centers, date rape, clinical treatment of rape victims, and group treatment for survivors. Psychologists, mental health professionals, social workers, criminologists, nurses, and counselors will benefit from the wealth of information contained in this impressive volume. "Particularly recommended as supplemental reading for college programs on women's and social issues." --The Midwest Book Review "Excellent on incidence of rape, why federal statistics are flawed, the impact of rape on the victim, how society responds, how rape crisis centers evolved, offers empowerment and the best model for change, and how to lessen the trauma of rape. Techniques for therapeutic treatment are discussed including group treatment for survivors." --The Women's Advocate

The Crime of Rape
The Trauma of Rape
Rape as a Community Issue
The Rape Crisis Center
The Clinical Treatment of Rape Victims
Group Treatment for Survivors
Preventing Sexual Assault

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ISBN: 9780803938953