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The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology

The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology

Fourth Edition
Edited by:

May 2019 | 608 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now in its fourth edition, The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology has established itself as an authoritative reference text for the key concepts, theories, and methods in criminology and criminal justice.


Edited by two leading figures in the field of criminology, the book includes over 325 entries from 120 academics and practitioners, with up to 30 new terms, covering topics such as big data, cyber security, wildlife crime, crimmigration, penal populism, and serial homicide, as well as general updates including more recent key readings, and a further emphasis on contributions from international academics.

All concepts are precisely defined, followed by a section outlining the concept’s origins, development and general significance, a list of associated concepts, and finally, further reading suggestions to help extend students' knowledge. A new section 'Evaluation' has also been included for concepts considered to have the greatest theoretical weight, allowing for a critical assessment of how the concept can be debated, challenged and reworked.


An essential reference tool for students and academics within criminology, criminal justice and legal studies.

List of Contributors
List of Entries
Editors’ Introduction
The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology A-Z

The Sage Dictionary of Criminology is the must have compendium of criminological concepts. Rigorously researched and intricate in its analyses, the Sage Dictionary provides the reader with an authoritative account of the evolution of criminological terminology, insights and debates. An invaluable resource for students and scholars alike.


David Gadd is a Professor of Criminology at the University of Manchester.

David Gadd
University of Manchester

This revised Sage Dictionary of Criminology remains the most authoritative and indispensable resource for scholars and students around the world. A terrific book that continues to inspire us all.

Maggy Lee, Professor of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong

Maggy Lee
The University of Hong Kong

For the uninitiated, any academic subject can appear to be written in its own private language or code. Many of the words are familiar, but certain phrases or concepts can seem alien. Criminology is no different having borrowed from a range of disciplines and added its own ideas and theories for good measure. The Sage Dictionary of Criminology is invaluable for those moments when you are not quite sure what something means or where it fits in. The new Fourth Edition brings together an impressive list of contributors who can guide the reader through the various criminologies - both old and new - that compete for our attention.  There are some classic ideas covered, but this new edition is fully updated covering new and exciting thinking and theoretical development. The editors Eugene McLaughlin and John Muncie have produced an excellent resource that anyone working within criminology would benefit from having within easy reach.

Andrew Millie, Professor of Criminology at Edge Hill University

Andrew Millie
Edge Hill University

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