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The SAGE Handbook of Critical Pedagogies

The SAGE Handbook of Critical Pedagogies

Three Volume Set
Edited by:

March 2020 | 1 752 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

**Winner of a 2022 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Book Award**

This extensive Handbook will bring together different aspects of critical pedagogy with the aim of opening up a clear international conversation on the subject, as well as pushing the boundaries of current understanding by extending the notion of a pedagogy to multiple pedagogies and perspectives. Bringing together a group of contributing authors from around the globe, the chapters will provide a unique approach and insight to the discipline by crossing a range of disciplines and articulating both philosophical and social common themes. The chapters will be organised across three volumes and twelve core thematic sections.

The SAGE Handbook of Critical Pedagogies is planned to be an essential benchmark publication for advanced students, researchers and practitioners across a wide range of disciplines including education, health, sociology, anthropology and development studies

Volume 1

Barry Down & Shirley R. Steinberg
Introduction to the Handbook
Section 1: Reading Paulo Freire
Shirley R. Steinberg
Section 1 Introduction
Paulo Freire
Chapter 1: The Importance of the Act of Reading
Lilia I. Bartolomé
Chapter 2: Linking My Word to the World
John Willinsky
Chapter 3: Freire Contra Freire: An Interplay in Three Acts
Deborah Britzman
Chapter 4: A Note on Free Association as Transference to Reading
Ramón Flecha
Chapter 5: Dialogic and Liberating Actions
William H. Schubert
Chapter 6: In the Spirit of Freire
David Geoffrey Smith
Chapter 7: Fake News and Other Conundrums in 'Reading the World' at Empire's End
Hermán S. García
Chapter 8: Inspiring and Emboldening
Marcella Runell Hall
Chapter 9: In Gratitude
Arlo Kempf
Chapter10: Of Word, World, and Being (Online)
Paul L. Thomas
Chapter 11: The Critical Redneck Experience: "How can anybody know/How they got to be this way?"
Christine E. Sleeter
Chapter 12: On Learning to Claim Text
William Ayers
Chapter 13: "I Am a Revolutionary!"
Luis Huerta-Charles
Chapter 14: The Importance of Paulo Freire in Act of Reading
D'Arcy Martin
Chapter 15: Share and Sustain
Section 2: Social Theories
Paul Carr & Gina Thésée
Section 2 Introduction
Joe L. Kincheloe
Chapter 16: Critical Pedagogy and the Knowledge Wars of the Twenty-First Century
Benjamin Frymer
Chapter 17: The Frankfurt School and Education
Soudeh Oladi
Chapter 18: The Nomad, The Hybrid: Deconstructing the Notion of Subjectivity through Freire and Rumi
Philip M. Anderson
Chapter 19: The Reader, the Text, the Restraints: A Cultural History of the Art(s) of Reading
Rodney Handelsman
Chapter 20: Deleuzeguattarian Concepts for a Becoming Critical Pedagogy
Antonio Garcia
Chapter 21: Spectres of Critical Pedagogy: Must We Die in Order to Survive?
Nathan Snaza
Chapter 22: Critical Pedagogy Beyond the Human
Cathryn Teasley & Alana Butler
Chapter 23: Intersecting Critical Pedagogies to Counter Coloniality
Marlon Simmons
Chapter 24: Locating Black Life within Colonial Modernity: Decolonial Notes
Peter Pericles Trifonas
Chapter 25: Critical Pedagogy and Difference
Marc Spooner
Chapter 26: Critical Pedagogy Imperiled: As Neoliberalism, Marketization, and Audit Culture Become the Academy
Jane McLean
Chapter 27: Critical Pedagogy: Negotiating the Nuances of Implementation
Michalinos Zembylas
Chapter 28: Critical Pedagogies of Compassion
Section 3: Key Figures in Critical Pedagogy
Gregory Martin
Section 3 Introduction
James D. Kirylo
Chapter 29: Critical Pedagogues: Paulo Freire and the North American Context
Robert F. Carley
Chapter 30: Gramscian Critical Pedagogy
Stephanie Troutman
Chapter 31: Still Teaching to Transgress: Reflecting with bell hooks
Samuel D. Rocha & Martha Sañudo
Chapter 32: Ivan Illich and Liberation Theology
Robert Hattam
Chapter 33: From South African Black Theology and Freire to teaching for resistance: The work of Basil Moore
Gresilda Tilley-Lubbs
Chapter 34: Critical Pedagogy in Spain Through Life and Literature: Jurjo Torres Santomé & Ramón Flecha
Marta Soler & Teresa Sordé Martí
Chapter 35: Interviews with Marta Soler and Teresa Sordé Martí
Graham Jeffery & Diarmuid McAuliffe
Chapter 36: In Conversation with Henry Giroux
Joe L. Kincheloe & Peter McLaren
Chapter 37: Interviews with Joe Kincheloe and Peter McLaren
Shirley R. Steinberg
Chapter 38: Influenced by Critical Pedagogy: Interviews with Critical Friends
Section 4: Global Perspectives
Cathryn Teasley
Section 4 Introduction
Domenica Maviglia
Chapter 39: From Theory to Practice: The Identikit and Purpose of Critical Pedagogy
Colin Chasi & Ylva Rodny-Gumede
Chapter 40: Reimagining the University as a Transit Place and Space: A Contribution to the Decolonialisation Debate
Juan Ríos Vega
Chapter 41: When I Open My Alas: Developing a Transnational Mariposa Consciousness
Aristotelis Gkiolmas, Constantina Stefanidou, & Constantine Skordoulis
Chapter 42: Critical Pedagogy and the Acceptance of Refugees in Greece
Madhulika Sagaram
Chapter 43: Critical Pedagogy in Underserved Environments in India
Kenneth J. Fasching-Varner, Michaela P. Stone, & Marco Montalbetti Viñuela
Chapter 44: (Dis)ruptive Glocality Through Teacher Exchange in a Chilean Context
Brian Dotts
Chapter 45: A Return to the Heart of Darkness in a Neoliberal and Neoimperialist World
Kathalene Razzano
Chapter 46: Teaching Global Affairs: Problem Posing Education and the Violence of Indifference
Jaime Usma, Oscar Peláezm Yuliana Palaciom, & Catalina Jaramillo
Chapter 47: Promoting Critical Consciousness in the Preparation of Teachers in Colombia
Nicholas D. Hartlep & Pipo Bui
Chapter 48: Vietnamese Students and the Emerging Model Minority Myth in Germany
Henry Giroux
Chapter 49: Revisiting Hurricane Katrina: Racist Violence and the Biopolitics of Disposability
Volume 2

Section 5: Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Four Arrows & R. Michael Fisher
Section 5 Introduction
R. Michael Fisher & Four Arrows
Chapter 50: Indigenizing Conscientization and Critical Pedagogy: Integration Nature, Spirit and Fearlessness as Foundational Concepts
Ann Milne
Chapter 51: A Critical, Culturally Sustaining, Pedagogy of Whanau
Jeremy Garcia
Chapter 52: Critical Indigenous Pedagogies of Resistance: The Call for Critical Indigenous Educators
Shashi Shergill & David Scott
Chapter 53: Ethical Relationality as a Pathway for Non-Indigenous Educators to Decolonize Curriculum and Instruction
Jennifer M. Markides
Chapter 54: Flooded: Between Two Worlds
Adrienne Sansom
Chapter 55: Dance and Children's Cultural Identity: A Critical Perspective of the Embodiment of Place
Renee Desmarchelier
Chapter 56: Indigenous Knowledges and Science Education: Complexities, Considerations, and Praxis
Perry R. James
Chapter 57: Navajo Sweat House Leadership: Acquiring Traditional Navajo Leadership for Restoring Identity in our Forgotten World
Rose Marsters
Chapter 58: The Navigators' Path: Journey Through Story and Ngakau Pedagogy
Section 6: Education and Praxis
Robert Hattam
Section 6 Introduction
John Smyth
Chapter 59: A Critical Pedagogy of Working Class Schooling: A Call to Activist Theory and Practice
Tricia M. Kress
Chapter 60: Critical Pedagogy as Research
Concepción Sánchez-Blanco
Chapter 61: Poverty and Equality in Early Childhood Education
Sandro Carnicelli-Filho & Karla Boluk
Chapter 62: Critical Tourism Pedagogy: A Response to Oppressive Practices
Dana Stachowiak & Leila Villaverde
Chapter 63: Queer(ing) Cisgender Normativity: Reconsidering Critical Pedagogy Through a Genderqueer Lens
Angelina E. Castagno, Jessica A. Solyom, & Bryan Brayboy
Chapter 64: Culturally Responsive Schooling as a Form of Critical Pedagogies for Indigenous Youth and Tribal Nations
Haggith Gor Ziv
Chapter 65: Feminist Critical Pedagogy
Teresa Fowler
Chapter 66: Schooling, Milieu, Racism: Just another brick in the wall
Sheryl Lieb
Chapter 67: An Existentialist Pedagogy of Humanization
Barry Down
Chapter 68: Vocational Education and Training in Schools and 'really useful knowledge'
Section 7: Teaching and Learning
Barry Down
Section 7 Introduction
David Zyngier
Chapter 69: Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice, and Contesting Definitions of Engagement in the Classroom
Khadija Mohammed, L. McAuliffe, & N. Riaz
Chapter 70: Anti-Muslim Racism Education: Insights from the UK
Revital Zilonka
Chapter 71: Pedagogy of Connectedness
Gang Zhu & Zhengmei Peng
Chapter 72: Counternarratives: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Critical Caring in One Urban School
Phillip Boda
Chapter 73: Leveraging the Overlapping Intersections of Disability Studies and Critical Pedagogy
Guofang Li & Pramod K. Sah
Chapter 74: An Agenda for a Plurilingual Reality of Superdiversity
Galia Zalmanson Levi
Chapter 75: Teaching Social Justice
Ramón Flecha & Silvia Molina
Chapter 76: Creating Global Learning Communities
Section 8: Communities and Activism
Michael B. MacDonald
Section 8 Introduction
Silvia Cristina Bettez & Cristina Maria Dominguez
Chapter 77: Moving from Individual Consciousness Raising to Critical Community Building Praxis
Awad Ibrahim
Chapter 78: Arab Spring as Critical Pedagogy: Activism in the Face of Death
Maria Padrós & Sandra Girbés-Peco
Chapter 79: Schools as Learning Communities
Elbert J. Hawkins III
Chapter 80: Love Unconditionally: Educating People in the Midst of a Social Crisis
Shuntay Z. Tarver & Melanie M. Acosta
Chapter 81: Afrocentric Pedagogies for Raising Consciousness
Toby Rollo, J. Cynthia McDermott, Richard Kahn and Fred Chapel
Chapter 82: Critical Pedagogy, Democratic Praxis and Adultism
Tanya Brown Merriman
Chapter 83: Presence and Resilience as Resistance
April Yaisa Ruffin-Adams
Chapter 84: African American Mothers Theorizing Practice
Sherilyn Lennon
Chapter 85: Deploying Critical Bricolage as Activism
Annette Coburn & David Wallace
Chapter 86: Critical Community Education: The Case of Love Strings
Volume 3

Section 9 Communication and Media
Michael Hoechsmann
Section 9 Introduction
Jeff Share
Chapter 87: Mediating the Curriculum with Critical Media Literacy
Michael Hoechsmann & Alfonso Gutiérrez Martín
Chapter 88: Empowerment and Participation in Media Education: A Critical Review
Sabrina Boyer
Chapter 89: Dangerous Citizenship: Comics and Critical Pedagogy
Brian C. Johnson
Chapter 90: It's Reel Critical: Media Literacy and Film-Based Pedagogies
Tony Kashani
Chapter 91: Critical Media Literacy
Juha Suoranta
Chapter 92: Critical Pedagogy and Wikilearning
Cherie Ann Turpin
Chapter 93: Diversity in Digital Humanities
Ki Wight
Chapter 94: Missing Beats: Critical Media Literacy Pedagogy in Post-secondary Media Production Programs
Roger I. Simon
Chapter 95: A Shock to Thought: Curatorial Judgement and the Public Exhibition of "Difficult Knowledge"
Gerald Walton
Chapter 96: In a rape culture, can boys actually be boys?
Section 10: Arts and Aesthetics
Leila Villaverde & Roymieco Carter
Section 10 Introduction
Gregory Martin
Chapter 97: Critical Public Pedagogies of DYI
Leila Villaverde & Roymieco Carter
Chapter 98: Oasis - (Re)conecptualizing Galleries as Intentionally Pedagogical
Judith Dunkerly-Bean & Kristine Sunday
Chapter 99: Poverty is Two Coins: Using Children's Literature and Art to Explore Global Social Justice
I. Malik Saafir
Chapter 100: Performance Pedagogy Using the Theater of Justice
Michael B. MacDonald
Chapter 101: Thanks for Being Local: CineMusicking as a Critical Pedagogy of Popular Music
Claire Robson & Dennis Sumara
Chapter 102: Critical Life Writing for Social Change
Peter R. Wright
Chapter 103: Towards a Critical Arts Practice
Mary Drinkwater
Chapter 104: Transformative Arts and Culture Praxis Circle
Lalenja Harrington
Chapter 105: Through a Rhizomatic Lens
Christopher Lee Kennedy
Chapter 106: The Pedagogical Afterthought: Situating Socially-engaged Art as Critical Public Pedagogy
Section 11: Critical Youth Studies
Shirley R. Steinberg
Section 11 Introduction
Douglas Kellner & Roslyn M. Satchel
Chapter 107: Resisting Youth: From Occupy Through Black Lives Matter to the Trump Resistance
Andrew Hickey
Chapter 108: Where Does Critical Pedagogy Happen? Youth, Relational Pedagogy and the Interstitial Spaces of School
Priya Parmar
Chapter 109: Lyrical Minded: Unveiling the Hidden Literacies of Youth through Performance Pedagogy
Dawn N. Hicks Tafari & Veronica A. Newton
Chapter 110: They Laugh 'Cause They Assume I'm in Prison: Hip Hop Feminism as Critical Pedagogy
Tony Edwards & Kerry J. Renwick
Chapter 111: Youth, Agency and the Paradox of Trust
Paul L. Thomas
Chapter 112: Excavating Intimacy, Privacy, and Consent as Youth in a Hostile World
Nwachi Tafari
Chapter 113: Art and Erotic Exploration as Critical Pedagogy with Youth
Mark Helmsing
Chapter 114: Youth, Becoming-American, and Learning the Vietnam War
Teresa J. Rishel
Chapter 115: The Bully, the Bullied, and the Boss: The Power Triangle of Youth Suicide
Jo Lampert & Kerry Mallan
Chapter 116: Pedagogies of Trauma, Fear and Hope in Texts about 9/11 for Young People: From a Perspective of Distance
Section 12: Science, Ecology and Wellbeing
Renee Desmarchelier
Section 12 Introduction
Stephanie Leo Hudson
Chapter 117: Feminist Readings of Bodies in Technoscience
Joseph Carroll-Miranda
Chapter 118: Computer Science Education and the Role of Critical Pedagogy in a Digital World
Sarah E. Colonna
Chapter 119: Where the Fantastic Liberates the Mundane: Feminist Science Fiction and the Imagination
Edmund Adjapong
Chapter 120: Conceptualizing Hip Hop as a Conduit toward Developing Science Geniuses
Jennifer D. Adams, Atasi Das, & Eun-Ji Amy Kim
Chapter 121: The Crit-Trans Heuristic for Criticalizing STEM Education: Youth and Educators as Participants in the World
Shawn Arango Ricks
Chapter 122: Who Hears My Cry? The Impact of Activism on the Mental Health of African American Women
Constance Russell
Chapter 123: Fat Pedagogy and the Disruption of Weight-Based Oppression: Toward the Flourishing of All Bodies
Marissa Bellino
Chapter 124: Forwarding a Critical Environmental Pedagogy
Jodi Latremouille
Chapter 125: An Ecological Pedagogy of Joy

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