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The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Analysis

The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Analysis

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June 2008 | 744 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With the 'cultural turn', the concept of culture has assumed enormous importance in our understanding of the interrelations between social, political, and economic structures, patterns of everyday interaction, and systems of meaning-making.

In The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Analysis, the leading figures in their fields explore the implications of this paradigm shift. Part I looks at the major disciplines of knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, asking how they have been reshaped by the cultural turn and how they have elaborated distinctive new objects of knowledge. Parts II and III examine the questions arising from a practice of analysis in which the researcher is drawn reflexively into the object of study and in which methodological frameworks are rarely given in advance.

Addressed to academics and advanced students in all fields of the social sciences and humanities, The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Analysis is at once a synthesis of advances in the field, with a comprehensive coverage of the scholarly literature, and a collection of original and provocative essays by some of the brightest intellectuals of our time.  

Introduction: Vocabularies of Culture
Eric Gable & Richard Handler
Anthropology and Culture
Kay Anderson
Cultural Geography: An Account
Valerie Walkerdine & Lisa Blackman
Psychology and Cultural Analysis
Tony Bennett
Sociology and Culture
Peter Burke
Cultural History
James F. English
Literary Studies
Tia DeNora
Culture and Music
Mieke Bal
Visual Analysis
Tom Gunning
Film Studies
Toby Miller
Ien Ang
Cultural Studies
Griselda Pollock
Feminism and Culture: theoretical perspectives
Daniel Miller
Material Culture
Andrew Pickering
Culture: Science Studies, and Technoscience
David McCrone
Culture and Nation
Joel S. Kahn
Culture and Modernities
Diana Crane
Globalization and Cultural Flows/Networks
Christopher Pinney
Colonialism and Culture
Tim Rowse
Indigenous Culture: The Politics of Vulnerability and Survival
John Frow
Cultural Property
Timothy Mitchell
Culture and Economy
Mike Savage
Culture, Class and Classification
Ghassan Hage
Analysing Multiculturalism Today
Simon Clarke
Culture and Identity
Elspeth Probyn & Gilbert Caluya
Culture, Sex and Sexualities
David Hesmondhalgh
Cultural and Creative Industries
Celia Lury
Cultural Technologies
Tiziana Terranova
Cyberculture and New Media
Johannes Fabian & Vincent de Rooij
Sarah Pink
Visual Anthropologies
Justin Lewis
Thinking by Numbers: Cultural Analysis and the Use of Data
Lilie Chouliaraki
Discourse Analysis
Pepi Leistyna
Cultural Activism

Two of the most significant theorists in the study of culture bring together a range of influential and engaging writers, not just to define and map areas, but also to set the agenda for the future investigation of culture. This handbook is an achievement and a delight - both compelling and useful.

Professor Beverley Skeggs
Goldsmiths, University of London

Examining theoretical frameworks, policy issues, and research approaches, Bennett and Frow's pre-eminent collection robustly defends the importance of the 'cultural turn', and richly deserves attention and analysis in its own right. Taking in a far broader sweep than the allegiances of cultural studies, and ranging far wider than a focus on cultural theory alone, this Handbook offers a genuine one-stop reference point for the many, many differing strands of cultural analysis. This isn't just one contender among many for the title of 'best multidisciplinary overview'; this is a true heavyweight.

Matt Hills
Cardiff University

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