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The SAGE Handbook of Public Relations

The SAGE Handbook of Public Relations

First Edition
Edited by:

July 2010 | 792 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

An unparalleled guide to the theory and practice of public relations

Reflecting advances in theory, research, and application in the discipline since the publication of the Handbook of Public Relations in 2001, this new volume is global in scope and unmatched in its coverage of both academic research and professional best practice.

Key Features

  • Presents major theories in the words of the leading advocates for each theory
  • Covers the full range of theory, research, and practice in the discipline
  • Positions public relations as a positive force to help make society more fully functional
  • Challenges academics and practitioners to identify best practices that can inform the work of those in the profession

Robert L. Heath
Robert L. Heath
Section One Introduction: Mind, Self, and Society
Maureen Taylor
1: Public Relations in the Enactment of Civil Society
Augustine Pang, Yan Jin, Glen T. Cameron
2: Strategic Management of Communication: Insights from the Contingency Theory of Strategic Conflict Management
Jeong-Nam Kim and Lan Ni
3: Seeing the Forest through the Trees: The Behavioral, Strategic Management Paradigm in Public Relations and Its Future
Øyvind Ihlen
4: The Cursed Sisters: Public Relations and Rhetoric
Dawn R. Gilpin and Priscilla Murphy
5: Implications of Complexity Theory for Public Relations: Beyond Crisis
David McKie
6: Signs of the Times: Economic Sciences, Futures, and Public Relations
Shirley Leitch and Judy Motion
7: Publics and Public Relations: Effective Change
Günter Bentele
8: Correspondence(s) to Reality: A Reconstructive Approach to Public Relations
Nigel de Bussey
9: Dialogue as a Basis for Stakeholder Engagement: Defining and Measuring the Core Competencies
Jacquie L’Etang
10: “Keeping it Real”—Anthropological Reflections on Public Relations, Diplomacy, and Rhetoric
Katerina Tsetsura
11: Social Construction and Public Relations
Peter Smudde and Jeffrey Courtright
12: Public Relations and Power
Robert L. Heath, Judy Motion, and Shirley Leitch
13: Power and Public Relations: Paradoxes and Programmatic Thoughts
Lee Edwards
14: “Race” in Public Relations
Jennifer Vardeman-Winter and Natalie T. J. Tindall
15: Toward an Intersectionality Theory of Public Relations
Damion Waymer
16: Does Public Relations Scholarship Have a Place in Race?
Brenda J. Wrigley
17: Feminist Scholarship and its Contributions to Public Relations
Susanne Holmström
18: Reflective Management: Seeing the Organization as if from Outside
Robert E. Brown
19: Symmetry and Its Critics: Antecedents, Prospects and Implications for Symmetry in a Post-Symmetry Era
Finn Frandsen and Winni Johanesen
20: Strategy, Management, Leadership, and Public Relations
Peggy Simcic Brønn
21: Reputation, Communication, and the Corporate Brand
Robert L. Heath
Section Two Introduction: The Practice of Public Relations as Change Management
Marcia W. DiStaso and Don W. Stacks
22: The Use of Research in Public Relations
Tom Watson
23: Reputation Models, Drivers and Measurement
Julie K. Henderson
24: Come Together: Rise and Fall of Public Relations Organizations in the Twentieth Century
Bonnie Neff
25: Public Relations Identity: Evolving from Academic and Practitioner Partnerships
Gayle M. Pohl
26: Relationship Management Projects Public Relations Image: Analysis of Living History and Dreams from My Father
Michael Smith and Denise Ferguson
27: Activism 2.0
Pamela G. Bourland-Davis,William Thompson, and F. Eric Brooks
28: Activism in the 20th and 21st Centuries
Bruce K. Berger and Juan Meng
29: Public Relations Practitioners and the Leadership Challenge
Tony Jaques
30: Embedding Issue Management: From Process to Policy
Michael J. Palenchar
31: Risk Communication
Katherine McComas
32: Community Engagement and Risk Management
W. Timothy Coombs
33: Crisis Communication: A Developing Field
Matthew W. Seeger, Timothy L. Sellnow, and Robert R. Ulmer
34: Expanding the Parameters of Crisis Communication: From Chaos to Renewal
Kimberly A. Schwartz
35: Red Cross Crisis Communication in the Wake of September 11, 2001
James G. Hutton
36: Defining the Relationship Between Public Relations and Marketing: Public Relations' Most Important Challenge
Kirk Hallahan
37: Being Public: Publicity as Public Relations
Jeffrey K Springston and Ruthann Weaver Lariscy
38: The Role of Public Relations in Promoting Healthy Communities
Robert L. Heath and Lan Ni
39: Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility
Shannon A. Bowen
40: The Nature of Good in Public Relations: what Should Be Its Normative Ethic?
Margalit Toledano
41: Military Spokespeople and Democracy: Perspectives from Two Israeli Wars
Tom Isaacson
42: Sports Public Relations
Alexander V. Laskin
43: Investor Relations
Kirk Hallahan
44: Public Relations Media
Michael L. Kent
45: Directions in Social Media for Professionals and Scholars
Robert L. Heath
Section Three Introduction
Robert Wakefield
46: Why Culture is Still Essential in Discussions about Global Public Relations
Marina Vujnovic and Dean Kruckeberg
47: The Local, National, and Global Challenges of Public Relations: A Call for an Anthropological Approach to Practicing Public Relations
Juan-Carlos Molleda
48: Cross-National Conflict Shifting: A Transnational Crisis Perspective in Global Public Relations
Krishnamurthy Sriramesh
49: Globalization and Public Relations: Opportunities for Growth and Reformation
Robert L. Heath
Conclusion and Reflection
Elizabeth L. Toth
Reflections on the Field

"This new edition is global in scope and unparalleled in its coverage of both academic research and professional best practice...In addition to his own years of experience, Heath draws on a lengthy list of contributors from colleges and universities across the globe...recommended for academic and special libraries serving researchers and practitioners of the discipline."

Susan C. Awe
University of New Mexico
Reference Reviews

A comprehensive resource which will be useful to anyone studying PR

Mr Adrian Roxan
Arts, Computing, Eng'g & Sciences, Sheffield Hallam University
August 13, 2013

A useful library resource, but too expensive to recommend as a student purchase.

Mrs Chris Hall
CEIS, Northumbria University
April 30, 2013

Magnificent book covering a very wide range of topics, ideal for final year and postraduate students interested in academic debate.

Dr Russell Jackson
Media Arts and Communication, Sheffield Hallam University
December 11, 2012

An essential in the body of knowledge for public relations professionals.

Mr Grant Thoms
School of Arts & Creative Industries, Edinburgh Napier University
August 9, 2012

some good articles but a few notable omissions

Dr Daniel Valentine
Academic Programmes, London School of Business & Finance
June 2, 2012

Excellent handbook of current issues and thinking - perfect for undergraduate and postgraduate study and research

Mr Adrian Crookes
School of Media, London College of Communication
March 29, 2012