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The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Marketing

The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Marketing

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Social Marketing

August 2022 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Social media marketing has become indispensable for marketers who utilize social media to achieve marketing objectives ranging from customer care to advertising to commerce. This Handbook explores the foundations and methodologies in analysing the important aspects of social media for organisations and consumers. It investigates critical areas concerning communities, culture, communication and content, and considers social media sales. This Handbook brings together the critical factors in social media marketing as the essential reference set for researchers in this area of continued growth. It is essential reading for postgraduate students, researchers, and practitioners in a range of disciplines exploring the area.

Part 1: Foundations of Social Media Marketing

Part 2: Methodologies and Theories in Social Media

Part 3: Channels and Platforms in Social Media

Part 4: Tools, Tactics, and Techniques in Social Media Marketing

Part 5: Management and Metrics in Social Media

Part 6: Ethical Issues in Social Media

Part 1: Foundations of Social Media
Tracy L. Tuten & Annmarie Hanlon
Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Karen E. Mishra & Brian J. Baldus
Chapter 2: Strategic Directions in B2C Social Media Marketing
Jae Min Jung, Kyeong Sam Min, Kristen R. Schiele, Anthony Kim, Jing Hu, Xin Liu, Curtis P. Haugtvedt, & James J. Kellaris
Chapter 3: Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Media Use: Implications for International Social Media Marketing Strategy
Duygu Akdevelioglu & Alladi Venkatesh
Chapter 4: Consumer Ties and Social Media Consumer Culture in Social Media Networks
Stephan Dahl & Ana Margarida Barreto
Chapter 5: From Global Action to Knowledge-sharing with your Colleagues: A Typology of Online Communities
Part 2: Methodologies and Theories in Social Media
Theo Lynn & Pierangelo Rosati
Chapter 6: Social Media Research Using Big Data - Types, Techniques, and Technologies
Sarah Glozer
Chapter 7: Analysing Digital Dialogue: Implications for Research and Practice
Ana Isabel Canhoto
Chapter 8: Approaches to Emotion and Sentiment Analysis
Franco Curmi
Chapter 9: Social Contagion in Online Networks and Virality
Ellen Roemer
Chapter 10: Eye Tracking Research Methodology for Social Media
Part 3: Channels and Platforms in Social Media
Sabine Baumann
Chapter 11: Geopolitical Overview of Social Media Platforms - From Beijing to Berlin
Wenkai Zhou
Chapter 12: The Social Shopping Movement in China from TaoBao to WeChat
Brendan James Keegan & Rossano Schifanella
Chapter 13: Social Media Data in Placemaking
Karen Freberg, Brian G. Smith, & Lauren Silva
Chapter 14: How Influencers Influence: Conceptualizing the Influencer Map for Marketing
Part 4: Tools, Tactics and Techniques in Social Media
Valeria Penttinen & Robert Ciuchita
Chapter 15: Social Media Marketing: The Opportunities and Challenges of Paid, Owned, and Earned Media
Jana Gross
Chapter 16: A Typology of Brand-Related Content on Social Media
Jon Engström
Chapter 17: Virtual Influencers: Antecedents and Typologizing
Natalia Maehle, Caterina Presi, & Ingeborg A. Kleppe
Chapter 18: Visual Communication in Social Media Marketing
Alexander Laskin & Yasha A. Laskin
Chapter 19: Memes: Interactive Creative Intertextuality on Social Media
Ivana Ebel & Joatan Preis Dutra
Chapter 20: Do You Speak Emoji? The Language of Emojis
Part 5: Management and Metrics in Social Media
Kelly Hewett, Steven Hoornaert, & Matthijs Meire
Chapter 21: Firm Strategies for One-on-One Exchanges with Customers in Social Media
Ann M. Torres & Aisling Keenan Gaylard
Chapter 22: Positive Messaging and Employee Brand Advocacy
Karen Jones
Chapter 23: Understanding Complaining, Service Failure Identification and Service Recovery via Social Media
Carsten Dirk Schultz & Björn Kruse
Chapter 24: Organizational Exit Strategies on Social Media Platforms
Karen Sutherland
Chapter 25: Social Media Metrics from Vanity to Sanity
Part 6: Ethical Issues in Social Media
Carolyn Popp Garrity
Chapter 26: A/B Testing in Social Media
Laura S. Rifkin, Canan Corus, & Colleen P. Kirk
Chapter 27: The Reputation Economy: A Tale as Old as Time or a New Paradigm?
Marina Leban
Chapter 28: Unethical Behaviour of Social Media Influencers: History, Practice and Future Research
Irina Gorea & Jenna Jacobson
Chapter 29: The Ethics of Using Social Media Influencers for Marketing Purposes
Denitsa Dineva
Chapter 30: Managing Uncivil Interactions in Online Brand Communities

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