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The SAGE Handbook of Social Media

The SAGE Handbook of Social Media

First Edition
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December 2017 | 662 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The world is in the midst of a social media paradigm. Once viewed as trivial and peripheral, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WeChat have become an important part of the information and communication infrastructure of society. They are bound up with business and politics as well as everyday life, work, and personal relationships.

This international Handbook addresses the most significant research themes, methodological approaches and debates in the study of social media. It contains substantial chapters written especially for this book by leading scholars from a range of disciplinary perspectives, covering everything from computational social science to sexual self-expression.

Part 1: Histories And Pre-Histories 
Part 2: Approaches And Methods 
Part 3: Platforms, Technologies And Business Models
Part 4: Cultures And Practices
Part 5: Social And Economic Domains

Jean Burgess, Alice Marwick and Thomas Poell
Part One: Histories and Pre-Histories
John Hartley
1. Pushing Back: Social Media as an Evolutionary Phenomenon
Aaron Delwiche
2. Early Social Computing: The Rise and Fall of the BBS Scene (1977 – 1995)
Mark McLelland, Haiqing Yu, and Gerard Goggin
3. Alternative Histories of Social Media in Japan and China
Michael Stevenson
4. From Hypertext to Hype and Back Again: Exploring the Roots of Social Media in Early Web Culture
Part Two: Approaches and Methods
Richard Rogers
5. Digital Methods for Cross-platform Analysis
Jeremy Foote, Aaron Shaw and Benjamin Mako Hill
6. A Computational Analysis of Social Media Scholarship
Crispin Thurlow
7. Digital Discourse: Locating Language in New/Social Media
Nick Couldry and Jannis Kallinikos
8. Ontology
Simon Faulkner, Farida Vis and Francesco D’Orazio
9. Analysing Social Media Images
Jolynna Sinanan and Tom McDonald
10. Ethnography
Niels Brügger
11. Web History and Social Media
Siva Vaidhyanathan
12. The Incomplete Political Economy of Social Media
Part Three: Platforms, Technologies and Business Models
Taina Bucher and Anne Helmond
13. The Affordances of Social Media Platforms
Tarleton Gillespie
14. Governance of and by Platforms
Rowan Wilken
15. Social Media App Economies
Jack Linchuan Qiu
16. Labor and Social Media: the Exploitation and Emancipation of (Almost) Everyone Online
Alice Marwick
17. Silicon Valley and the Social Media Industry
Robert W. Gehl
18. Alternative Social Media: From Critique to Code
Part Four: Cultures and Practices
Kelly Quinn & Zizi Papacharissi
19. Personal Connection and Relational Maintenance in Social Media Use
Rhiannon Bury
20. Television Viewing and Fan Practice in an Era of Multiple Screens
Gabriele de Seta
21. Trolling, and Other Problematic Social Media Practices
Kate Miltner
22. Memes
Jill Walker Rettberg
23. Self-Representation in Social Media
Kath Albury
24. Sexual Expression in Social Media
Daniel Trottier
25. Privacy and Surveillance
Part Five: Social and Economic Domains
Michael Serazio and Brooke Erin Duffy
26. Social Media Marketing
Alfred Hermida
27. Social Media and Journalism
Terry Flew
28. Social Media and the Cultural and Creative Industries
Jessica Baldwin-Philippi
29. Politics 2.0: Social Media Campaigning
Thomas Poell & José van Dijck
30. Social Media and New Protest Movements
Deborah Lupton
31. Lively Data, Social Fitness and Biovalue: the Intersections of Health and Fitness Self-Tracking and Social Media
José van Dijck and Thomas Poell
32. Social Media Platforms and Education
Katrin Weller and Isabella Peters
33. Scholarly Communication in Social Media

In this comprehensive, ambitious and timely book, Burgess, Marwick and Poell present to us ‘the social media paradigm’ – a distinctive and potentially transformative moment in the history of media and communications, perhaps also in the world’s cultural, economic and political life. Grounded in rigorous intellectual and empirical work and committed to international, multi-and inter-disciplinary endeavor, this book provides a much-needed basis for critical understanding and future research on the social shaping and social consequences of today’s social media paradigm.

Sonia Livingstone
Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science

This phenomenal collection of articles by such esteemed scholars offers a critical glimpse into the various ways in which social media has reconfigured contemporary life. This book is essential for both scholars and students.

danah boyd
Principal Researcher (Microsoft Research) and Founder/President (Data & Society)

This remarkable collection of original and thoughtful essays will have lasting value for students and researchers. The Handbook of Social Media not only defines the broad field of social media studies, but it sets the agenda for the future.

Lance Bennett
Professor of Political Science and Ruddick C. Lawrence Professor of Communication, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Key features
  • Highly interdisciplinary; social media research touches social science research in everything from health, education, and business to gender, labor, visual culture, and social activism.
  • Chapters incorporate a detailed examination of a range of understudied platforms throughout the volume, going beyond Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to incorporate niche, sub-cultural, emerging, and mobile platforms.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 25: Privacy and Surveillance

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