The SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City

The SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City

October 2017 | 688 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City focuses on the dynamics and disruptions of the contemporary city in relation to capricious processes of global urbanisation, mutation and resistance. 

An international range of scholars engage with emerging urban conditions and inequalities in experimental ways, speaking to new ideas of what constitutes the urban, highlighting empirical explorations and expanding on contributions to policy and design. The handbook is organised around nine key themes, through which familiar analytic categories of race, gender and class, as well as binaries such as the urban/rural, are readdressed. These thematic sections together capture the volatile processes and intricacies of urbanisation that reveal the turbulent nature of our early twenty-first century:

  • Hierarchy
  • Productivity
  • Authority
  • Risk
  • Security
  • Informality
  • Mobility
  • Civility
  • Design

This is an exciting, inter-disciplinary handbook for all academics and researchers interested in contemporary urban studies.

Suzanne Hall, Ricky Burdett
1) Introduction: The Urban Churn
Part 1: Questions of Definition: An Urban Compendium
Jenny Robinson, Sue Parnell
2) The Global Urban: Difference and Complexity in Urban Studies and the Science of Cities
Ananya Roy
3) Urban Studies and the Postcolonial Encounter
Neil Brenner, Christian Schmid
4) Elements for a New Epistemology of the Urban
Part 2: Hierarchy: Elites and Evictions
Mike Savage
5) The Elite Habitus in Cities of Accumulation
Caroline Knowles, Roger Burrows
6) Reimagining Chinese London
Matt Desmond
7) Eviction and the Reproduction of Urban Poverty
Part 3: Productivity: Over-investment and Abandonment
Saskia Sassen
8) Global Cities: Places for Researching the Translocal
Alex Schafran
9) Origins of an Urban Crisis: The Restructuring of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Geography of Foreclosure
Fran Tonkiss
10) Urban Economy and Social Inequality in Productivity: Investment and Abandonment
Alice Mah
11) Ruination and Post-industrial Urban Decline
Part 4: Authority: Governance and Mobilisations
Patrick Le Galès
12) The Political Sociology of Cities and Urbanisation Processes: Social Movements, Inequalities and Governance
Patrick Bond
13) Limits to South Africa’s ‘Right to the City’: Prospects For and Beyond Urban Commoning
Asher Ghertner
14) Aesthetic Governmentality : Administering the ‘World-Class’ City in Delhi’s Slums
Part 5: Volatility: Disruption and Adaptation
Kevin Fox Gotham, Wesley Cheek
15) Post-Disaster, Recovery and Rebuilding
Amita Baviskar
16) What the Eye Does Not See: The Yamuna in the Imagination of Delhi
Austin Zeiderman
17) Endangered City: Security and Citizenship in Bogota
Part 6: Conflict: Vulnerability and Insurgency
Christine Hentschel
18) The European Refugee Crisis in “Our” Cities: Conflict, Vulnerability and Ethics of Surface
Anna M. Agathangelou
19) Temporal (Un)Civility of the City: MENA Urban Insurgencies and Revolutions
Wendy Pullan
20) Violent Infrastructures, Places of Conflict: Urban Order in Divided Cities
Part 7: Provisionality: Infrastructure and Incrementalism
AbdouMaliq Simone
21) The Majority-World and the Politics of Everyday Living in Southeast Asia
Colin McFarlane
22) Incremental Urbanism and Tactical Learning: Reflections from Mumbai and Kampala
Edgar Pieterse, Katherine Hyman
23) Infrastructure Deficits and Potential in African Cities
Part 8: Mobility: Re-bordering and De-bordering
Ash Amin
24) City of Migrants
Suzanne Hall, Robin Finlay, Julia King
25) The Migrant Street
Xiangming Chen, Curtis Stone
26) Rethinking Border Cities: In-Between Spaces, Unequal Actors and Stretched Mobility Across the China-Southeast Asia Borderland
Victoria Redclift
27) Re-bordering Camp and City: ‘Race’, Space and Citizenship in Dhaka
Alex Rhys Taylor
28) The Essences of Multiculture: A Sensory Exploration of an Inner-city Street Market
Part 9: Civility: Contestation and Encounter
David Madden
29) The Contradictions of Urban Public Space: The View From London and New York
Talja Blokland
30) The Public Life of Social Capital
Sarah Nuttall
31) From the Speculative to the Littoral City
Part 10: Design: Speculation and Imagination
Richard Sennett
32) The Public Realm
Rahul Mehrotra
33) Urban Design: Beyond Architecture at Scale
Lindsay Bremner
34) Towards a Minor Global Architecture at Lamu, Kenya
Eyal Weizman
35) Forensic Architecture: Political Practice, Activism, Aesthetics
Keller Easterling
36) Designing Infrastructure
William Mann
37) A Latecomer Imagines the City

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