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The Signature of Power

The Signature of Power
Sovereignty, Governmentality and Biopolitics

November 2013 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"When it comes to 'power', it can often feel as if everyone is talking about it, yet no one appears to have given it any thought. Well, not quite. In this original and timely book, Mitchell Dean provides a characteristically thoughtful and incisive analysis that aims to renovate the concept of power through an understanding of its signature and how it works. Through a thorough and intelligent engagement with the work of Foucault, Schmitt, and Agamben, their lacuna and failings, Dean pieces together a clear and precise account of sovereignty, governmentality, and bio-politics, which has much to commend it."
- Paul Du Gay, Copenhagen Business School

"Dean’s erudite and relentlessly critical reading of Foucault, Schmitt and Agamben extracts from these authors new insights about the signature of power ... Immensely valuable and a major contribution to social and political thought."
- William Walters, Carleton University

Mitchell Dean revitalized the study of ‘governmentality’ with his bestselling book of the same title. His new book on power is a landmark work.

It combines an extraordinary breadth of perspective with pinpoint accuracy about what power means for us today. For students it provides sharp readings of the main approaches in the field. On this level, it operates as a foundational work in the study of power. It builds on this to reframe the concept of power, offering original and exceptionally fruitful reading. It throws new light onto the importance of biopolitics, sovereignty and governmentality.

Mitchell Dean has established himself as a master of governmentality. This new book will do the same for how we conceptualize and use power.

Mitchell Dean is Professor of Public Governance at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Professor of Sociology at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Introducing the Signature of Power
The Shadow of the Sovereign
Economies of Power
The Prince and the Population
Enemy Secrets
Secular Orders
Reign and Government
Glorious Acclaim

A book to recommend to students to get the background on the sociological approach of crime being a social construction related to power and knowledge.

Ms Allison Savory
Department of Social Sciences, Bucks New University
March 18, 2014

Lucid and erudite.

Ms Therese Lewis
Faculty of Health, Social Work & Educ, Northumbria University
February 18, 2014

Prof. Dean is known as the 'master of governmentality' and with this latest book he once again reinforced that argument. His study covers great details about several perspectives on power (Foucault, Agamben, Schmitt) and manages to come up with an original claim of his own. This is an essential reading for academics working in this field and a great challenge for promising students.

Dr Hakan Ongur
Department of Political Science, TOBB University of Economic & Tech
January 22, 2014

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