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The Supreme Court, Race, and Civil Rights

The Supreme Court, Race, and Civil Rights
From Marshall to Rehnquist

Supreme Court

July 1995 | 512 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Discover the first law textbook to provide a comprehensive examination of the Supreme Court's institutional commitment to equality over a time span of more than 190 years. Filling the void of literature in this area, this long-awaited volume incorporates information from the disciplines of law, political science, and history to provide the student with a thorough analysis of race and law from the perspective of politically disadvantaged groups. Carefully selected cases stimulate classroom discussion and at the same time cultivate competence in reading actual Supreme Court rulings. Accessible and flexible, this textbook affords professors and instructors an opportunity to pick and choose from the essays and cases for each historical period. The authors instill in students a deeper appreciation of the multicultural component of ongoing struggles for equality within the American context.

Written specifically for undergraduate, graduate, and law school courses that emphasize civil rights/race and the law, The Supreme Court, Race, and Civil Rights stands alone as an outstanding textbook.

The Supreme Court, Civil Rights and the Enduring Struggle for Equality

From Marshall to Fuller
The Era of White Supremacy and Second-Class Citizenship, 1801-1910

From White to Vinson
The Campaign for Racial Equality, 1910-1953

The Warren Court
The Era of Rising Expectations and Massive Resistance, 1953-1969

The Burger Court
The Era of Ambivalence and Uncertainty, 1969-1986

The Rehnquist Court
The Era of Retrenchment and Unpredictability, 1986-1995


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