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The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

Thirteenth Edition

October 2018 | 296 pages | CQ Press
1. The Court
A Perspective on the Court  
The Court in the Judicial System  
An Overview of the Court  
Historical Developments  
2. The Justices
The Selection of Justices  
Who Is Selected  
Leaving the Court  
3. The Cases
Reaching the Court: Litigants, Attorneys, and Interest Groups  
Deciding What to Hear: The Court’s Role  
4. Decision Making
Components of the Court’s Decision  
The Decision-Making Process  
Influences on Decisions: Introduction  
The State of the Law  
Justices’ Values  
Group Interaction  
The Court’s Environment  
5. Policy Outputs
Areas of Activity: What the Court Addresses  
The Court’s Activism  
The Content of Policy  
Explaining the Court’s Policies  
6. The Court’s Impact
Outcomes for the Litigants  
Implementation of Supreme Court Policies  
Responses by Legislatures and Chief Executives  
Impact on Society  
Conclusion: The Court, Public Policy, and Society  

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ISBN: 9781544327389