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The Trainee Teacher's Handbook

The Trainee Teacher's Handbook
A companion for initial teacher training

Second Edition

April 2021 | 288 pages | Learning Matters
This book helps trainees to build skills and focus on developing their professional practice through understanding, reflection and experimentation. Its practical structure and learning features help readers to recognise their own learning needs and set their own targets. The book takes the Teachers' Standards as a base and covers: 
  • planning
  • creating teaching resources
  • inclusive practice
  • assessment and progress
  • classroom management
  • pastoral care
This new edition has been updated to include:
A new chapter curriculum design, including decolonising the curriculum
A new chapter on What they don’t teach you in training
More support on metal health and wellbeing

Why do you want to teach?
Planning your journey through teacher training
Working with tutors and mentors
Reflecting on your practice
Using feedback for your own development
Potential barriers to teaching
Resilience and wellbeing
What do teachers do?
What does curriculum mean?
Planning great lessons
Creating teaching resources
The Inclusive Teacher
How do we learn? How should we teach?
Creating a positive classroom
Effective classroom management
Checking learners' progress
Pastoral Care
Sharing your knowledge with others
Getting your first job
The start of your professional Journey
A teacher's life
What they don’t teach you in training

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