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The U.S. Federal Prison System

The U.S. Federal Prison System

  • Mary Bosworth - University of Oxford, UK and Monash University, Australia

March 2004 | 375 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Despite the fact that 160,000 people are locked up in our federal correctional facilities, practical information about the federal prison system remains difficult to locate. While some information may be found scattered on the Internet, in directions given at court, or through shared personal experience, there is no single source available that is a collection of all available information. The U.S. Federal Prison System is the first comprehensive book to include official prison policies, first-person accounts from prisoners, and information about each federal facility.

Now published in paperback, The U.S. Federal Prison System is perfect for classroom use as it interweaves the academic study of incarceration with a survey of government reports on prison policy. Organized into two parts, this book is an accessible text on the current U.S. federal prison system. Part I is an introduction to federal prison facilities, including key statistics and "views from the inside" provided by inmates of federal prisons. Part II is a look at the Federal Bureau of Prisons policies on various matters such as discipline, education, visits, and religious practices.

Key Features

  • A thorough overview of both prison policies and the federal facilities themselves with photos of selected prisons
  • Part II consistently organizes historical background information followed by an account of current policies-with specific federal rules and regulations governing the policies to conclude each topical discussion
  • Appendix A is the first comprehensive listing of every Federal prison in the U.S., complete with facility details and service information
  • Commentary from prisoners-first-person accounts take the reader behind the walls

The U.S. Federal Prison System is an ideal text for students studying corrections and penology in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Law, Social Work, Psychology, and Sociology. This book is also an excellent resource for families of inmates, researchers, and the general public.

Key features
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date information - With a thorough overview of both prison policies and the federal facilities themselves, this book should prove to be a useful reference for inmates, their families, researchers, and the general public.
  • The topics in the policy section, Pt. II, are consistently organized with historical background information leading up to an account of the current policies. The specific federal rules and regulations governing the policies conclude each topical discussion.
  • Commentary from prisoners – First person accounts get behind the walls.
  • Photos of prisons  

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 6. Discipline

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