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The Wages of Peace

The Wages of Peace
Disarmament in a Small Industrialized Economy

June 1995 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Based on a decade-long study, this timely text uses a wide range of economic models to explore the global, national, and local effects of military disarmament. The authors review the international literature of disarmament and conversion induced by the end of the Cold War and compare the results to the findings on Norway. Claims about the improvement of welfare, development, and the environment--which are to be funded by peace dividends--are examined, in addition to the warnings that militarized economies will collapse as a result of disarmament. "The Wages of Peace is a slim book that many readers should find stimulating and useful. It is broad in scope, reviewing much international literature, yet it stays highly focused on Norway. . . . There are also ample tables and figures, although the mathematics stays in the background in the form of a brief nine-page appendix. A good work, many readers will find The Wages of Peace though provoking and satisfying." --Mershon International Studies Review

The Burden of Arms
The Economics of Military Spending
The Norwegian Military Sector
National Conversion
Global Conversion
Local Conversion
Defense Without Threat?

`Stimulating and useful. It is both broad in scope, reviewing much international literature... well discussed and reasoned. There are ample tables and figures... A good work, many readers will find [the book] thought-provoking and stimulating' - Mershon International Studies Review

`The authors have been studying the economic impact of military spending for many years, and this book is the culmination of their work. Although the main conclusion is unlikely to be a surprise, the contribution of the book comes at a number of other levels. Answering the substantive question, the effect of defence cuts on Norway, allows the authors to focus on the results of a large international literature, advocate a model-based methodology and provide an exemplar for similar studies in countries where the problem is more pressing.... The authors consider a wide variety of possible consequences, including effects on the environment and global development. They finish with a discussion of Norwegian security decisions.... This work is an excellent guide for other country studies on the effects of disarmament' - Journal of Peace Research

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ISBN: 9780803977501