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The Will To Kill

The Will To Kill
Making Sense of Senseless Murder

Fifth Edition
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April 2018 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Authored by renowned experts, The Will to Kill 5/e reviews homicide laws, introduces theories purporting to explain murder, and presents up-to-date statistical data identifying homicide patterns and trends. It covers topics ranging from domestic and workplace homicide to cult and hate killings; murder committed by juveniles to serial slayings. Finally, it examines criminal justice responses to homicide, including the strategies and tactics employed to apprehend, prosecute, and punish killers. Virtually every chapter in this edition has undergone significant revision. In particular, this edition reflects recent legislative changes and Supreme Court decisions, includes new case examples, and contains extensively expanded discussions of family and school homicide.
1. The Lure And The Law Of Homicide
Fascination With Murder  
Selling Evil  
Homicide Law  
Defenses To Criminal Homicide  
Homicide Law In Practice  
2. The Killers And Their Victim
Race Differences  
Gender Differences  
Age Differences  
Differences By Location  
The Role Of Firearms  
Changing Patterns In Homicide  
Breaking The Mold  
3. Explaining The Will To Kill
The Devil Made Me Do It  
Back To The Classics  
Using Science To Explain Violence  
Psychological Explanations  
The Social Sources Of Murder  
Integrated Theories  
A Word Of Caution About Cause  
4. Intimate And Family Murder
Killing For Profit And Practicality  
Obsession And Jealousy  
Power, Control, And Abuse  
Family Annihilation  
Motherhood By Proxy  
Prevention And Response  
5. The Young And The Ruthless
An “Epidemic” Of Youth Homicide  
Explaining The 1990s Decline  
Principles Of Prevention  
Dial M For Media  
Juveniles In The Adult System  
Looking Ahead  
6. Well Schooled In Murder
The Risk Of School Homicide  
Copycat Shootings  
Adult School Shooters  
Explaining School Massacres  
Blaming Parents  
Fear Factor  
Threatening Words And Warning Signs  
Responses To School Shootings  
Healthy And Safe Schools  
On To College  
7. Serial Killers
The Many Forms Of Serial Killing  
Deceiving Appearances  
Prevalence And Trends  
Characteristics Of Serial Killers  
Victims Of Serial Murder  
Killing Together  
Beyond U.S. Borders  
The Murdering Mind  
Explanations For Serial Murder  
8. Medical Murder And Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy
Counting Medical Murders  
Healthcare Murders Globally  
Motives And Types Of Medical Murderers  
Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy  
Administrative Facilitators And Failures  
Prevention And Intervention  
Looking Ahead  
9. Rampage
Mass Murder  
Getting Even Through Murder  
Losses And Frustrations  
Profile Of The Workplace Avenger  
Preventing Murders By Disgrintled Employees And Customers  
10. Hate Homicides
Characteristics Of Hate Homicide  
Types Of Hate Homicide  
Organized Hate Groups  
The Role Of The Military  
Current State Of Hate Crime Law  
11. Murderous Terror
Hate Homicide And Domestic Terrorism  
International Terrorism  
Homegrown Terrorism  
The Impact Of Murderous Terror  
Reducing Murderous Terrorism  
12. Cult Killings
Dangerous Cults  
The Appeal Of Cults  
Charismatic Leaders And Their Followers  
Needs Fulfilled By Cults  
Normal People In Abnormal Situations  
Suicide Or Homicide?  
13. Catching Killers
Science Of The Lambs  
Clearance Rates  
Investigating Challenging Homicide Cases  
Sightings And Visions  
Working A Homicide In The Media Spotlight  
14. Getting Away With Murder, Or Not
Capital Punishment  
Juvenile Injustice  
Epilogue. Epidemic Thinking And Overresponse

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