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The WTO Deadlocked

The WTO Deadlocked
Understanding the Dynamics of International Trade

First Edition

May 2008 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
The book studies the negotiating history of the GATT/WTO since 1947, especially the period following the conclusion of WTO negotiations in 1995. It explains the balancing of rights and interests of different interest groups within the WTO and developing countries. This book throws light on why the Seattle ministerial round failed and how some important issues need to be addressed in the interests of developing countries like India. It argues for a stronger WTO in the interest of sustained growth in developing countries through the multilateral trading system. Many developing countries including India see bilateral and regional trade agreements as an antidote to multilateral negotiations at the WTO.

The authors submit that this is the right time for WTO members to reassess what is at stake and reconsider their positions. There is no doubt, however, that the WTO is important for all concerned being a rules based organization.


Biswajit Dhar

India and the WTO: The Increasing Participation at Multilateral Level

Agreement of Agriculture: The Pandora`s Box?

The SPS-TBT Measures and Environmental Concerns

NAMA Negotiations: The Way Ahead

Trade in Textile and Clothing in the Post-MFA Period

Anti-dumping, Subsidy and Countervailing Measures and Safeguards Mechanism: The Battle Over Contingency Measures

Intellectual Property Rights: Where Do We Stand?

Trade in Services: Emerging Key Interest Area

Regionalism in the Era of Multilateralism: The Changing Focus

Ensuring an Efficient Dispute Settlement System at the WTO

Looking beyond Hong Kong: What Next for India?



The book, with its reader friendly index, will be of interest to scholars in the field of economics, politics and sociology as well Indian negotiators at the WTO.

World Affairs

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ISBN: 9780761936060