Therapeutic Advances in Urology

Therapeutic Advances in Urology

Anthony Atala Wake Forest University, USA
Philip Shaw SAGE Publications Ltd, London, UK
Associate Editors
Francois Alexandre Giuliano Raymond Poincare Hospital, France
Göran Läckgren University Childrens Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden
Alan Partin Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
Jean de la Rosette AMC University Hospital, The Netherlands
Peter N Schlegel Weill Cornell Medical College, USA
Alan Wein University of Pennsylvania, USA
Assistant Editor
Karim Kader Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, USA

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Therapeutic Advances in Urology delivers the highest quality peer-reviewed articles, reviews, and scholarly comment on pioneering efforts and innovative studies across all areas of urology.

The journal has a strong clinical and pharmacological focus and is aimed at clinicians and researchers in urology, providing a forum in print and online for publishing the highest quality articles in this area. The editors welcome articles of current interest across all areas of urology, including treatment of urological disorders, with a focus on emerging pharmacological therapies.

It publishes expert opinion reviews (including single-drug and drug class reviews), narrative reviews and analysis of published guidelines (as editorials or reviews). Original research manuscripts of well-designed trials are also welcomed that show drug or drug class efficacy in a particular disease or therapeutic area. The journal strongly encourages the submission of original research with positive or negative results.

The journal adheres to a blind review process in which the reviewer's name is routinely withheld from the author unless the reviewer requests a preference for their identity to be revealed. Manuscripts are reviewed by at least two referees - a first editorial decision is generally reached within 3 weeks of submission. Online publication of articles occurs within 7 weeks from acceptance. Further information for contributors is provided on the back pages of each issue and online.

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This journal is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Therapeutic Advances in Urology is aimed at clinicians and researchers from the field of urology and will be a forum for all views and reviews relating to this discipline.

Topics covered will include:

· Diseases of the adrenal glands

· Benign prostatic hyperplasia

· The anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of the bladder and urethra (including dysfunctional voiding and incontinence)

· Infections/inflammation of the genitourinary tract

· Infertility

· Kidney diseases (including cancer and stone diseases)


· Sexual dysfunction

The purpose of the Journal is to publish (in the English language) articles, reviews and scholarly comment which have been judged worthy of publication by appropriate specialists and accepted by the Editor on studies relating to urology, pharmacology and medicine.

The Journal is for all professionals concerned with urology and is a forum for all views on related subjects. The editorial board welcomes articles of current interest on original research, reviews and clinical studies.

The Journal will be international in the sense that it will seek, wherever possible, to publish material from authors with an international reputation and articles that are of interest to an international audience.

In pursuit of the above the journal shall:

(i) draw on and include high quality work from the international community of scholars including those in the major countries of Europe, Australasia, the United States, other parts of the Americas, countries in the Third World and elsewhere with due representation for considerations of the readership. The Journal shall include work representing the major areas of interest in contemporary research in urology and medicine.

(ii) avoid bias in favour of the interests of particular schools or directions of research or particular political or narrow disciplinary objectives to the exclusion of others;

(iii) ensure that articles are written in a terminology and style which makes them intelligible, not merely within the context of a particular discipline or abstract mode, but across the domain of relevant disciplines.

Therapeutic Advances in Urology strongly endorses the value and importance of peer review in scholarly journals publishing. All papers submitted to the journal will be subject to comment and external review by no less than two reviewers adhering to a blinded peer review process in which the reviewer's name is routinely withheld from the author unless the reviewer(s) requests a preference for their identity to be revealed.

Manuscripts are reviewed as rapidly as possible, and an a first editorial decision is generally reached within 2-3 weeks of submission. Authors are requested to suggest the names, affiliations and contact information of up to six individuals who may be suitable to serve as referees, but the Editors are under no obligation to use all or any of these individuals as reviewers.

Manuscripts are reviewed initially by the Editors and only those papers that meet the scientific and editorial standards of the journal, and fit within the aims and scope of the journal, will be sent for outside review.

Editorial Board
Paul Abrams Bristol Urological Institute, UK
Gopal H Badlani Wake Forest University, USA
Robert Roy Bahnson Ohio State University, USA
Mahendra Bhandari Vattikuti Urology Institute, USA
John William Brock Vanderbilt Childrens' University, USA
John D Denstedt St. Joseph's Health Care, Canada
Bob Djavan Nyu, USA
Ian Eardley St James's University Hospital, UK
Masato Fujisawa Kobe University, Japan
Francois Haab Hopital Tenon, France
Steven A Kaplan Weill Cornell Medical College, USA
Larry Lipshultz Baylor College of Medicine, USA
James Mohler Roswell Park Cancer Institute, USA
Stephen Y Nakada The University of Wisconsin Medical School, USA
Ajay Nehra Mayo Clinic, USA
Rien J M Nijman University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands
David J Ralph St Peter's Urology, UK
Jens J Rassweiler SLK Kliniken Heilbronn, Germany
Andrea Salonia University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Italy
Warren Snodgrass University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA
Cora N Sternberg San Camillo Forlanini Hospitals, Italy
Serdar Tekgul Hacettepe University, Turkey
Wolfgang Weidner Justus Liebig University, Germany
Manfred Peter Wirth Technical University of Dresden, Germany
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