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Therapists' Dilemmas

Therapists' Dilemmas

Edited by:

March 1998 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
TherapistsÆ Dilemmas forms a collection of interviews with leading British and American therapists to examine issues of uncertainty that have arisen during the course of their work. Using a conversational model, the therapists are questioned and probed about their own dilemmas, past and present. The book focuses closely on the many similar dilemmas that face experienced therapists as they conduct their work. In all, six main dilemma themes emerged from these interviews. These are termed compromise dilemmas, boundary dilemmas, dilemmas of allegiance, role dilemmas, dilemmas of responsibility, and impasse dilemmas. Discussion issues arising out of the dialogues are put forward at the end of each interview to encourage the reader to explore further the issues that surfaced during the course of the dialogue. TherapistsÆ Dilemmas fills an important gap in the psychotherapy literature, which often neglects issues of doubt and dilemma and as such will be of interest to anyone involved in working therapeutically with people.

Windy Dryden
On the Dilemmas of Being a Therapist
An Interview with Albert Ellis
Dilemmas in Giving Warmth or Love to Clients
An Interview with John Bancroft
Sex Therapy
Education or Healing?

An Interview with Marcia Davis
To Share or Not To Share? Notes on Myself
An Interview with John Davis
The Price of Keeping Faith

An Interview with Brian Thorne
Where Are the Boundaries?
An Interview with Marvin Goldfried
In-vivo Intervention or Transference?
An Interview with Richard L Wessler
On Leaving the Fold
An Interview with Peter Lomas
Who Am I To Teach Morals?
An Interview with Paul Brown
Splitting and Integration in Marital Therapy
An Interview with Dougal Mackay
Confrontation or Collusion? The Dilemma of a Lonely, Burdened Behaviour Therapist
An Interview with Fay Fransella
Death by Starvation
Whose Decision?

An Interview with Paul L Wachtel
The Non-Improving Patient
An Interview with Arnold Lazarus
Missing Links and Lacunae
An Interview with Don Bannister
The Psychotic Disguise
Tim Bond
Therapists' Dilemmas as Stimuli to New Understanding and Practice

`This book is really about how therapists resolve discomforting conflicts and what such conflicts reveal about the nature of therapy. Windy Dryden approaches this task by way of a series of interviews with experienced therapists from a range of therapeutic backgrounds... the interviews are both readable and engaging... and often give us as much insight into the therapists themselves as to the dilemmas... This book would clearly serve as a useful source of discussion for students of therapy or counselling. It is also a thoughtful and interesting read for any practitioner' - Clinical Psychology Forum

`..."Doing therapy inevitably involves dilemmas" says Paul Wachtel in [this book]... Not to discuss those dilemmas in an evaluative, creative and wondering way is to do both ourselves and the profession a disservice... The format [of this book] not only invites the reader into a wider understanding of the orientations of others, but also challenges some assumptions which may have gone unchallenged before' - Counselling News

`A considerable array of talent provide chapters... sometimes the interview provided an excellent insight into the nature of the interviewee and that's exciting... [In] the final chapter Tim Bond says dilemmas provide "the challenge of learning from the dilemma about what its existence tells us about our own involvement in the provision of therapy, and about the nature of therapy itself". This statement alone should make therapists read the book' - British Psychological Society Counselling Psychology Review

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