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Total Quality Management in Education

Total Quality Management in Education

Third Edition (Updated Edition)
  • Marmar Mukhopadhyay - Chairman, Educational Technology and Management Academy, Gurgaon, Haryana

July 2020 | 292 pages | SAGE India
This is a complete revised edition of a popular text on Total Quality Management (TQM). First published in 2001, the book has been translated into many languages and highly praised by readers globally. In spite of the difficulties in defining and capturing ‘quality’ in a framework, the author admirably succeeds in helping readers to understand the role of TQM in improving the quality of education. The book combines extensive literature review with the author’s own experience as an institution builder and his experiments on quality management to develop a practical guide for quality improvement for institutional leaders. The book introduces   Shewhart, Lewin, Deming,   Juran,   Crosby,   Ishikawa, Taguchi and a number of other quality gurus to the readers. It proposes a new set of TQM principles that a good leader should apply. Enriched with several examples from the field situation and local metaphors, Total Quality Management in Education is an easy read and a must-have practical guide to quality management.

Praise for the First and Second Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Quality in Education
Total Quality Management: An Overview
Total Quality Management in Education
Growing up Together: Case Study on Total Quality Management in Education
Academic Quality Assurance: Quality Teaching Learning Process
Systems Thinking and Organizational: Micro-Analysis
Percener Focus: Involving All
Quality Assessment and Audit
Participative Management and Team Building
Human Resource Management for Total Quality Management
Informed Decision-Making for Total Quality Management
Strategic Planning for Total Quality Management
Implementing Total Quality Management
Quality Leadership for Total Quality Management

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ISBN: 9789353882815

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