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Training and Usage


Thank you for your interest in resources to help your students, faculty, and researchers understand how to use the SAGE Journals platform. To learn more about the features and functions of your SAGE Journals product, please contact Heather Dray, Library Relations Manager - MLIS, to schedule a training session.

Discoverability Checklist

Increasing discoverability of SAGE Journals in your library. Visit the following link for a suggested outline of steps and additional information that will help ensure your users can easily locate the material they need from the content hosted on SAGE Journals.

View discoverability checklist

How to Drive Usage

SAGE offers numerous tools to assist in driving usage of your subscribed content on SAGE Journals.  Check out the Usage Driving page which includes search widgets, posters, and user guides.
Additionally, SAGE can work with you to deploy customized usage-driving emails to your faculty. Contact your Sales Manager for more information.

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Additional materials to download and print.

If you have questions or need additional resources, please contact