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Transition to Nursing Practice

Transition to Nursing Practice
From Student to Registered Nurse

Second Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)
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May 2022 | 248 pages | Learning Matters
The transition from student to newly registered nurse can be daunting but with the right preparation, you can step into your new role with confidence. This book provides valuable guidance on what to expect, practical strategies for easing the transition and advice for supporting your ongoing personal and professional development.

Key features
o   Each chapter is mapped to the 2018 NMC standards   
o   A new chapter on contemporary trends in nursing covers digital skills, peer facilitation, integrated working and more 
o   Self-assessment tools and reflective activities help you to examine your competencies and identify goals for your development 
o   A chapter on health and wellbeing illustrates the importance of self-care and recommends strategies to reduce stress and build resilience

Angela Darvill and Catherine Croughan
Chapter 1: Managing the transition from student to registered nurse
Denise Major and Joanne Keeling
Chapter 2. Self-assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudinal values through critical reflection
Joanne Keeling and Denise Major
Chapter 3: Transition focused reflection and personal development planning
Leyonie Higgins and Melanie Stephens
Chapter 4: Looking after your health and wellbeing during role transition
Jacqueline Leigh and Tyler Warburton
Chapter 5: Learning theory for personal and professional development
Angelina Chadwick and Jacqueline Leigh
Chapter 6: Identifying and developing clinical leadership in relation to transition
Melanie Stephens and Susan H. Walker
Chapter 7: Transition support
Andy Kay, Leyonie Higgins and Angela Darvill
Chapter 8: Preparing for, developing and maintaining your nursing career
Melanie Stephens, Cristina Vasilica, Dilla Davis, Angela Darvill, Jacqueline Leigh and Craig Priestley
Chapter 9: Contemporary issues and trends in nursing

Useful learning resource for adult nursing students

Miss Carmel Anne Quigley
School of Nursing (Magee), Ulster University
September 30, 2022

A good resource for any student nurse transitioning to registration. Good helpful guidance with hints and tips

Simone Bedford
Nursing, Sunderland University
April 27, 2022

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