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Treating Nonoffending Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Treating Nonoffending Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
Connections for Family Safety

  • Jill S. Levenson - Barry University School of Social Work, Miami Shores, Florida, USA, Barry University of Social Work, Miami Shores, FL, Center for Offender Rehabilitation and Education, Lynn University
  • John W. Morin - Center for Offender Rehabilitation and Education, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Asian Development Bank, Manila

October 2000 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Part of a comprehensive psychoeducational program for nonoffending parents and partners of sex offenders, this book helps therapists determine if and when children can live safely in homes with known sexual offenders and presents a model for treating the nonoffending members of families who plan reunification. While the authors do not advocate reunification, the book describes a unification plan that keeps family safety through relapse prevention as the first priority. Treating Nonoffending Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Cases begins by bringing the therapist into the confused, anxious, and sometimes shattered world of the nonoffending parent. Guidelines are then offered for conducting a comprehensive family assessment to determine if a family is a realistic candidate for reunification. A structured, group treatment program for the nonoffending parents/partners follows, including treatment module covering such issues as denial, the effects of sexual abuse on children and families, understanding sex offenders and sex offender treatment, and creating realistic family safety plans. Therapists are instructed in conducting follow up couples sessions to engage the nonoffending partner in challenging the offender to prove he is ready to live safely with children. In family sessions with the children, sexual abuse prevention, clarification, and family safety planning are addressed. The book concludes with valuable information on report writing and making responsible recommendations following treatment. Treating Nonoffending Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Cases comes with a copy of the Connections Workbook, the companion manual for the nonoffending parent/partner. The authors, who specialize in treating sex offenders, originally developed and field tested this book with the partners of their own clients. Since 1997, and earlier version of the program has been in use throughout North America. Therapists, probation officers, and CPS workers who work with families that are recovering from incest for have any kind of sex offender as one of their parents will find Treating Nonoffending Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Cases and its accompanying workbook an useful tool in helping a particularly complex and vulnerable client.

Introduction to Treating Nonoffending Parents and Partners
Initial Assessment and Engagement
Comprehensive Family Assessment
Connections Program
Group Modules

Connections Program
Family Session Modules

Writing Reports and Making Recommendations

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