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Tribal Communities and Social Change

Tribal Communities and Social Change

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In this volume, renowned scholars examine a diverse range of tribal groups including: the Bhils, Gonds, Khasis and Koyas in India; the aboriginal Indians, Metis and Innuits in Canada; and tribal cultures in South Africa, Kenya and Malawi.

Focusing on the social history of these tribes, the book addresses key issues such as: primitive law, crime, kinship structures, education, religion and women and how the impact of colonialism has affected them. It also asks the questions: Does an acceptable definition of the concept of 'tribe' exist? and What is meant by the 'social integration' of tribals?

Series Note B S Baviskar
Foreword K S Singh
Introduction Pariyaram M Chacko
Tribe, Region and Nation in the Context of the Indian State Jaganath Pathy
Intersections among Tribalism, Ethnicity and Gender in the Light of African Data Edwin S Segal
Individual Rights versus Collective Rights: The Debate on the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada Toby Morantz
Meaning and Process of Tribal Integration in a Democratic Society B K Roy Burman
Nature and Extent of Social Change in Tribal Society of Eastern India T C Das
Education and Social Change among Tribals in India B V Shah
A Sociological Analysis of Political Unification among the Scheduled Tribes of Rajasthan S L Doshi
Religion of the Bhils: A Sociological Analysis Ram Ahuja
The Western Romance with the Toda Anthony R Walker
Crime: Primitive Law and Some Social Anthropologists I P Desai
The Criminal Tribes of India K M Kapadia
Phnse-Paradhis of Kolhapur: A Tribe in Transition Vilas A Sangave
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