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Understanding Child Molesters

Understanding Child Molesters
Taking Charge

Sex Crimes

June 1997 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Reducing the odds of further victimization by a convicted child molester requires a clear understanding of the offender's process and his or her ability to manipulate victims. With more than 25 years of experience in the field working with every type of child molester, Eric Leberg provides the information vital to recognizing the offender's patterns of deception and - just as important - how to respond with appropriate interventions or preventive measures. A basic yet comprehensive overview that is easy to read, Understanding Child Molesters uses cases and anecdotes to highlight and reinforce important issues and concepts. A valuable resource for those who deal with offenders regularly - including nonoffending parents, other family members, employers and professionals and students who will work in the field - this book covers:

· information on the sex offender evaluation report, pre-sentence investigation report, and criminal history records

· legal and ethical means of obtaining information on the offender

· how the criminal justice system works and how it affects offenders

· suggestions on how to utilize the criminal justice system as a resource in preventing revictimization and/or reestablishing new relationships with convicted sex offenders.

Understanding Child Molesters will answer many of the general public's pressing questions about the sex offenders that can threaten their children's well-being. Professionals, practitioners, and students new to the field of child abuse - a multidisciplinary mix including those from mental health, corrections, law and law enforcement - will also find the book an invaluable introduction to current issues surrounding sex offenders and victimization. 

Lucy Berliner
The Setup
The Presentence Investigation Report
You and the Offender
The Probation Officer and the Corrections Agency
Community-Based Treatment of Child Molesters

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ISBN: 9780761901877