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Understanding Cultural Identity in Intervention and Assessment

Understanding Cultural Identity in Intervention and Assessment

  • Richard H. Dana - Regional Research Institute for Human Services, Portland State University

December 1997 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Why is it so difficult to provide quality mental health care for multicultural populations? How can quality care be achieved? Understanding Cultural Identity in Intervention and Assessment centers on this dilemma. This text for multicultural courses in counseling, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and social work begins with a description of the existing societal context for mental health services in the United States and the limitations of available services for multicultural populations. It documents the cultural competence a practitioner needs to provide adequate, credible, and potentially beneficial services to diverse clientele. It presents a model for effective culture-specific services that emphasizes the description and understanding of cultural/racial identity and the use of this information to develop cultural formulations to increase the accuracy of diagnoses. To provide examples of this model, the author devotes four chapters to a discussion of mental health services for a variety of domestic groups: African Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans. A valuable supplement to a variety of courses, Understanding Cultural Identity in Intervention and Assessment will enhance studentsÆ understanding of multicultural mental health issues in fields such as clinical/counseling psychology, multicultural psychology, educational psychology, social work, health services, and ethnic studies.

Mental Health Services and Multicultural Populations
Why Is It So Difficult To Provide Quality Mental Health Care for Multicultural Populations?
Quality Care for Multicultural Populations
Identities of Clients and Providers
African Americans
American Indians/Alaska Natives
Asians and Asian Americans
Hispanic Americans/Latinos

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