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Understanding Global News

Understanding Global News
A Critical Introduction

February 1998 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Understanding Global News provides a lively and critical introduction to the news media. Written specifically for media students and training journalists, this book invites the reader to explore contemporary journalistic practice, as well as the assumption that the media provide a mere window on the world. Challenging the often unquestioned notions of media objectivity, the author turns the classic questionsùWho, Why, What, When, and Whereùonto the news media themselves. By employing a range of theoretical perspectives and a large variety of examples, the author demonstrates the way in which our perceptions of the world are constructed by the news media. Understanding Global News will be an essential text for all students of journalism and media studies.

What is News and What is `Nothing New'? The Philosophy of the Notable and the Inconspicuous
Which are the World's Most Influential Media? The Economics of Rich and Poor Media Markets
Who are Journalists and How do they Work? The Sociology of Professionals and Laymen
Who Gets to Speak in the World News? The Politics of Loud and Whispering Voices
When Does Something Become World News? The History of Ruptures and Continuities
Where Does World News Come From? The Geography of Centres and Peripheries
How are Messages Formulated? The Linguistics of Lines and between the Lines
How Do Images Come About? The Semiology of What is Seen and Overseen
What Effects do Media Have? The Psychology of Compassion and Misunderstanding
Us, We and `Them'


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