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Understanding Leadership

Understanding Leadership
Paradigms and Cases

First Edition


February 2004 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Are current concepts of leadership appropriate for today's organizations? What will tomorrow's leadership need to be like? Is there a best approach to leadership?

With a huge range of definitions and theories of leadership available, the field has become confusing for both students and practitioners alike. This text provides a framework for making sense of the field. In Part One, Gayle C Avery integrates a fragmented field into four broad paradigms or forms of leadership, helping to simplify and clarify the ill-defined field of leadership. The second part provides 10 case studies from leading organizations across Europe, Australia and the United States to illustrate how diverse leadership can be in successful organizations. At the end of each case, specific questions guide the reader in interpreting and analyzing the cases, connecting them to the leadership frameworks and theories in Part One.

Written in simple language, Understanding Leadership can be used by readers with no prior knowledge of leadership. With its overview of major theories in the field and presentation of a simple and effective framework for analyzing these theories, the book will be essential reading for advanced undergraduate and MBA students.

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The Leadership Scene
Leadership Paradigms
Characteristics of Leadership Paradigms
Micro-Level Leadership Theories
Emotion in Leadership
Macro-Level Leadership
Integrating Theories and Paradigms
Sheer Driving Pleasure

W L Gore & Associates
Natural Leadership

People Chemistry

Royal Australian Navy
Commanding New Leadership

Leader of the Internet Pack

Leadership, French Style

Ekato R[um]hr - und Mischtechnik GmbH
Mixing People and Innovation

Mentoring Presidents

Leading through Emotion

Working with Vision


Very beneficiary book especially for entrepreneurship and leadership courses.

Healthcare Management, Istınye University
January 2, 2020

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