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Understanding the Social World Interactive eBook Student Version

Understanding the Social World Interactive eBook Student Version
Research Methods for the 21st Century

January 2016 | SAGE Publications, Inc

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This dynamic Interactive eBook version of
Russell K. Schutt’s Understanding the Social World: Research Methods for the 21st Century goes way beyond highlighting and note-taking! Read your mobile-friendly eBook anywhere, anytime with easy access across desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. Using the VitalSource Bookshelf® platform, download your book to a personal computer and read it offline, share notes and highlights with instructors and classmates who are using the same eBook, and “follow” friends and instructors as they make their own notes and highlights.

 Simply click on icons in the eBook to experience a broad array of multimedia resources as well as get access to academic and professional articles.

  • VIDEO: Relevant interviews, lectures, personal stories, inquiries, animated graphics, and other clips bring deeper learning and understanding as you explore key topics. 
  • AUDIO: Engaging podcasts and audio resources supplement and enrich key points within the text.
  • REFERENCE AND JOURNAL ARTICLES: Access to articles from SAGE’s influential journals, handbooks, and encyclopedias offer important background and exposure to seminal work in your field of study.

Key features


  • Engaging writing, clear descriptions, and contemporary examples speak directly to students about issues in their own lives and with language that is easy to understand to help them learn how research is done and reported.
  • The book reflects current research practices such as the increased attention given to visual methods, expanded use of web surveys, growing reliance on smartphones, and the use of social media in contemporary research.
  • Visual pedagogy draws students' attention to key points that they must master, including initial learning objectives, call-outs with definitions, exhibits, and multi-color layout to distinguish organization.
  • Ethics in research are the focus of an early chapter and then a section of each research design chapter.
  • "Careers and Research" and "Research in the News" highlights shows students career prospects and the relevance of the research methods course to their lives, both personal and professional.
  • Designed for instructors seeking much more succinct coverage of research essentials than Schutt’s comprehensive text, Investigating the Social World, or the brief version with Chambliss, Making Sense of the Social World.

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