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SAGE Recommendations for: University of Phoenix, MAED in Advanced Teaching and Reflective Practice

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SAGE Publishing is an independent international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media. Since 1965 SAGE has helped inform and educate a global community of scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students spanning a wide range of subject areas, including business, humanities, social sciences, and science, technology, and medicine.

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Corwin, a SAGE company, is the premier provider of professional learning products and services that equip educators to improve teaching and learning. Corwin offers print books and ebooks, digital products, and on-site consulting services for all types of educators at all stages of their careers. Corwin resources are authored by experts on the topics most relevant to education; formatted for hands-on, practical guidance; research-based and peer reviewed for quality; and designed for professional learning.

SAGE Content Mapped to Courses

TRPCB/510 Foundations of Advanced Teaching and Reflective Practice

TRPCB/520 Inclusive Instruction

TRPCB/540 Instruction and Assessment

TRPCB/550 Reflective Practice

TRPCB/560 School, Parent, and Community Collaboration

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