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Urban Latino Cultures

Urban Latino Cultures
La vida latina en LA

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May 1999 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"Urban Latino Cultures is a superb, multidimensional study of place and identity in Los Angeles. Recognizing that the transnational character of Latino realities is often realized in local expression and control of space, the book offers a useful lesson for those seeking to understand the ongoing transformations of many American cities, including San Antonio, Miami, and elsewhere and will be required reading for analysts of the new Los Angeles."  

--Manuel Pastor, Jr., Chair, Latin American & Latino Studies,

Merrill College, University of California

In public venues and in their homes, Latinos are asserting their cultural identities and changing the face of American cities. This book records the voices and visions of poets, cartoonists, photographers, architects, geographers, designers, playwrights, musicians, and filmmakers as they testify to the new vida latina in Los Angeles. They uncover the transformation of Latino memory, identity, and destiny in the social spaces of the barrio. Using Spanish, English, and Spanglish, contributors mingle the jingle of palatero trucks with sweatshops, in-your-face cartoons, rock music, family photos, hard-edged reporting, videos, and lyrical laments. The result is a joyful celebration of a pivotal moment in Latino history in the USA.

Gustavo Leclerc and Michael J Dear
La Vida Latina en LA

Raúl Villa
Aquí Estamos Y No Nos Vamos
Place Struggles in Latino Los Angeles

Don Normark
Chávez Ravine
Tomás Ybarra-Frausto in Coverstation with Michael Dear
El Movimiento
The Chicano Cultural Project Since the 1960s

María Elena Fernández
Bars and Belonging
Gloria Enedina Alvarez
Tres Poemas
Rubén Martínez
La Movida
Christina Fernandez
Manuela S-t-i-t-c-h-e-d
Alma López
Juan Soldado
Jesse Lerner and Rubén Ortiz-Torres
Spanish Caprice
Carlos Avila
On Foto-Novelas
Distant Water and In the Mirror

Lindsey Haley
Poems de una Chicana/Irish, Chuca Veterana que Piensa que es Sirena Turned Activist, y Poeta para Acabarla de Chingar or Mermaid at the Edge
Luis Alfaro
Pico-Union Vignettes
Lalo Alcaraz
L.A. Cucaracha Urban Sketch Journal
Theresa Chavez
L.A. Real
Gustavo Leclerc
La Mona de TJ
Anthony Hernández
Waiting in Line
Laura Alvarez
Double Agent Sirvienta
Camilo José Vergara
Los Paleteros
Margaret Crawford
Mi Casa es su Casa
Ramón Gracía
St Francis of Aztlán
James Rojas
The Latino Use Urban Space of East Los Angeles
Harry Garnboa Jr
Yvette C Doss
Choosing Chicano in the 1990s
The Underground Music Scene of Los(t) Angeles

Rubén Martínez
Más allá de la Mamonerías
Cultura, Migracíon y Desmadre en Ambos Lados del Río Bravo

Ramona Ortega
Seeking Oblivion in L.A.
Rogelio Villarreal Macías
Apuntes para el Fin de la Ciudad Más Grande del Mundo
John A Loomis
Reflections on Identity and a Sometime Angeleno
The Case of Walter Betancourt


"An exuberant, relevatory joy ride through the best part of town. The first book on Los Angeles that Walt Whitman could sing along with." 

Mike Davis
Author of The Ecology of Fear and City of Quartz

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