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Urban Political Geographies

Urban Political Geographies
A Global Perspective

December 2011 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

How can we think about the urban within a political and geographical framework? This compelling new textbook scrutinizes urban politics through a theoretical and empirical lens to provide readers with a clear understanding of the relationship between political, spatial and economic issues on the urban environment.

Taking a truly global analysis, the book uses international comparative case studies from cities across the world including London, Beijing, Austin, and Vancouver. It draws on ideas and theories from human geography, politics, sociology, economics, and development.

Engaging in style and thorough in its coverage of the key issues, the book is essential reading for students and scholars looking for a book that deals with contemporary urban debates from a political, economic and geographical perspective.

Foreword: The Athenian Symptom by Ola Söderström  
Foreword: The Nine Lives of Neoliberalism by Jamie Peck  
Foreword: Politics Between the Lines by AbdouMaliq Simone  
Globalization and the Urban Experience  
The Triad of Urban Politics  
Overview of the Book's Structure  
Urban Development and the Politics of Representation
Introduction: towards a political economy of representation  
Governing the image of the city  
From Fordism to post-Fordism: reinventing cities in a context of economic transition  
Postmodernizing the capitalist city  
Celebrating the global city  
The environmentalization of the urban experience  
Concluding reflections: the Eurocentrism of urban scholarship  
Making Culture Work: The Rise of the Creative City
Introduction: urban development in a knowledge-based capitalism  
Creative cities: economies of diversity and discursive strategies in North America  
Governmentalizing the cultural city in Europe and Asia  
Conclusion: culture beyond representation  
Urban Neoliberalism: Ascent and Crisis
Introduction: the irresistible rise of neoliberalism  
At the origins of neoliberalism: the urban question in the 1970s  
The 'new urban politics'  
The practice of urban neoliberalism  
Neoliberalizing urban economic spaces  
The expected unforeseen: the housing bubble and the global recession  
Urban Geopolitics: Legitimate Violence, Terrorism and Militarization
Introduction: the governmentalization of the urban experience  
The politics of fear  
From fear to communitarian self-defence  
The use of force as a threat: terrorism, urban marginality and the politics of pre-emption  
Cities at war/the war against cities  
Conclusions: the visible and the invisible in urban geopolitics  
Urban Justice: Struggles and Movements
Introduction: the ethical turn in democratic politics  
Social justice in question: equality, recognition, domination  
Rights to the city  
Justice movements: limits and potentialities  
Justice, globalization and the environment  
Conclusion: the encounter between institutionalist and Marxist perspectives  
Urban Citizenship: Insurgencies and the Politics of Presence
Introduction: the crisis of national citizenship  
The promises of urban citizenship  
The globalization of migration and the multiple geographies of belonging  
Dissidence or normalization: the quandaries of sexual citizenship  
Conclusion: the 'common place' of citizenship  
Conclusion: Beyond Post-Neoliberal Melancholia

Ugo Rossi and Alberto Vanolo take us on a journey around the ascent and crisis of urban liberalism, providing a clear and highly readable analysis of key issues and debates in the field of urban political geography.

Ola Söderström
Institute de Géographie, Université de Neuchâtel

It is in the city trenches that the crises, contradictions, and counterpolitics of neoliberalization are finding some of their most vivid and consequential expressions, where new worlds are being imagined, made, and unmade. This has yet to be mapped. But in Urban Political Geographies, we have a timely and astute field guide to this unfolding process.

Jamie Peck
University of British Columbia

An incisive and lucid account of contemporary urban politics.

AbdouMaliq Simone
Goldsmiths, University of London

This is an ambitious but fairly comprehensive overview of contemporary urban politics. Its value lies in its use of illustrations from a range of countries, both in the 'Global North' and the 'Global South'. It is a good introductory text to the subject, especially for postgraduate students with an interest in contemporary cities from around the world.

Professor Julio Davila
Dvpt Planning Unit, University College London
May 22, 2013

a most interesting nexus explored in a theoretically novel way

Mr Richard Kotter
Dept of Geography, Northumbria University
July 3, 2012

Interesting and unique scientific perspective. New insights into the theory. Offering good prospects for understanding global urban up-to-date praxis. Best for urban political studies and supplementary for urban economic studies. Advanced level of knowledge required. Might challenge some of students thus offfers supplemental value.

Dr Artur Ochojski
Strategic and Regional Studies, University of Economics in Katowice
March 12, 2012

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