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Urban Studies - Society

Urban Studies - Society

Four Volume Set
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December 2009 | 1 616 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Throughout the world, the study of cities takes place within a wide variety of social sciences as well as in the some humanities disciplines. Furthermore, in the study of cities a major split occurs between those focusing the economic as opposed to the more social questions raised by cities. In the former the focus is on city economies, their change and how policy intervention is able to steer change; in the latter the emphasis is more on social life and change, power and inequalities. As such, the readings in both Urban Studies – Economics and Urban Studies – Society set out to map the multidisciplinary nature of the field.

Urban Studies - Society examines the social meaning of cities and how they have been variously imagined. It reviews social stratification and national and global inequalities. It provides an assessment of the rich literature on living in cities and concludes, in the final volume, by looking at discussion of social engineering and the search for the good city.

Volume I - Cities as Social Spaces
Volume II - Experiencing the City
Volume III - Designing & Planning Cities
Volume IV - Cities, Ideas & Ideals