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Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis

Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis

Second Edition

© 2015 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Using Stata for Quantitative Analysis, Second Edition offers a brief, but thorough introduction to analyzing data with Stata software. It can be used as a reference for any statistics or methods course across the social, behavioral, and health sciences since these fields share a relatively similar approach to quantitative analysis.  In this book, the author teaches the language of Stata from an intuitive perspective, furthering students’ overall retention and allowing a student with no experience in statistical software to work with data in a very short amount of time. The self-teaching style of this book enables novice Stata users to complete a basic quantitative research project from start to finish.  The Second Edition covers the use of Stata 13 and can be used on its own or as a supplement to a research methods or statistics textbook.

Part I: Foundations for Working With Stata
Chapter 1: Getting to Know Stata
What You See  
Getting Started With Data Files  
Chapter 2: The Essentials
Intuition and Stata Commands  
The Structure of Stata Commands  
The 5 Essential Commands  
Nonessential, Everyday Commands  
Chapter 3: Do Files and Data Management
What Is a Do File?  
Data Management  
Part II: Quantitative Analysis With Stata
Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistics
Frequency Distributions  
Measures of Central Tendency and Variability  
Chapter 5: Relationships Between Nominal and Ordinal Variables
Chapter 6: Relationships Between Different Measurement Levels
Testing Means  
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)  
Chapter 7: Relationships Between Interval-Ratio Variables
Linear Regression  
Chapter 8: Enhancing Your Command Repertoire
Stata Help Files  
Advanced Convenience Commands  
Expanding Stata’s Capabilities  
Appendix A: Getting to Know Stata
Appendix B: Getting to Know Stata
Chapter Exercise Solutions
“How To” Index


Key features


  • The book has been thoroughly updated for Stata 13, starting with a new Chapter 1. 
  • A new appendix, Working with Stata 12, is invaluable for users who plan to continue to work with Stata 12.
  • New sections on “Testing Proportions” and “Multivariate Means Graphs” have been added to Chapter 6, Relationships Between Different Measurement Levels.
  • A new section, “Expanding Stata’s Capabilities,” enriches Chapter 8, Enhancing Your Command Repertoire
  • New and updated “Closer Look” boxes appear throughout the book.


  • Examples of commands and procedures include real data from the National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR)
  • Stata screenshots in every chapter clarify concepts and increase reader understanding.
  • "A Closer Look" boxes provide additional information on more advanced topics.
  • End-of-chapter exercises with answers help readers increase their confidence in using Stata.
  • A self-teaching style makes it possible for novice Stata users to complete a basic quantitative research project from start to finish.
  • Data on the Student Study Site allows readers to follow chapter examples and complete end-of-chapter exercises. 

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2

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