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Validity and Social Experimentation

Validity and Social Experimentation
Donald Campbell's Legacy

Edited by:
  • Leonard Bickman - Vanderbilt University, USA and Florida International University, USA

January 2000 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The leading social research methodologists and evaluators address the issues of validity, research design and social experimentation in this first of two volumes inspired by the work of Donald Campbell and sponsored by the American Evaluation Association. Each chapter is designed to offer readers insight into such issues as validity applied to meta-analysis, subject selection problems in randomized experiments, time-series designs and quasi-experiments, and the logic of ruling out rival hypotheses. Anyone engaged in social research will find this book a thought-provoking and inspiring read for their work.

Thomas D Cook
Towards a Practical Theory of External Validity
Paul Wortman, Elvira Elek-Fisk and Lanette Raymond
Validity Applied to Meta-Analyses and Research Syntheses
Norman Miller, William C Pedersen and Vicki E Pollock
Discriminative Validity
Mark Lipsey
Statistical Conclusion Validity for Intervention Research
A Significant (p 05) Problem

Robert Rosenthal
Effect Sizes in Behavioral and Biomedical Research
Estimation and Interpretatio

Melvin Mark
Realism, Validity and the Experimenting Society
Robert G St Pierre and Michael J Puma
Toward the Dream of the Experimenting Society
Robert Boruch and Ellen Foley
The Honestly Experimenting Society
Sites and Other Entities as the Unit of Allocation and Analysis

Robert K Yin
Rival Explanations as an Alternative to Reforms as 'Experiments'
Burt Perrin
Donald T Campbell's Contributions to Practical 'In the Trenches' Program Evaluation
Carol H Weiss
The Experimenting Society in a Political World

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