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Values & Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Values & Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy

April 2014 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book offers an introduction to values and ethics in counselling and psychotherapy, helping you to develop the ethical awareness needed throughout the counselling process. The book covers:

-  Context and emergence of ethics in counselling

-  Exercises to explore personal and professional values

-  Tools to develop ethical mindfulness

-  Differences between therapeutic models

-  Relational ethics

-  Ethical dilemmas and issues

-  Practice issues including confidentiality, boundaries and autonomy versus beneficence.

Using in-depth case studies of counselling students, the author demonstrates the constant relevance of values and ethics to counselling and psychotherapy, equipping trainees with the tools to successfully navigate values and ethics in their professional practice.


Dedication and Acknowledgements
What are your personal values?
How are values relevant to therapy?
Therapy Ethics
Ethics in healthcare
Ethics in counselling and psychotherapy
Making ethical decisions
Counselling, psychotherapy and society
Ethical mindfulness
Practice Issues
Values and ethics in models of therapy
Autonomy vs. beneficence
Particular boundary issues

A useful book with case studies and questions to enlarge thinking around thorny issues

Mrs Sarah Jones
education and training, Gloucester College of Arts & Tech
October 16, 2014

This book provides useful case examples and questions to enlarge thinking

Mrs Sarah Jones
education and training, Gloucester College of Arts & Tech
October 16, 2014

This useful book provides clear and helpful information and is a good introduction to values and ethics within the helping relationship. The case study material makes précis connections between theory and practice with exercises throughout to help consolidate information.

Mrs Vivienne Dacre
Education , Glyndwr Univ.
July 5, 2014

Although the book is an essential must read for experienced counsellors and psychotherapist, the concepts covered are too complicated for a Certificate level.

Ms Patricia Gagni
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
June 26, 2014

This book complements the more ‘hands on’ texts used for our ethics modules. In particular this takes a more philosophical approach that is very suited to working with students at Masters level. We plan to use this to inspire deep thinking about values and therapeutic work, that will support practical problem solving and legal knowledge.

Ms Jan Grove
Counselor Education , Newman Univ.
June 17, 2014

An essential resource for students and trainers - covers a wide range of relevant topics and the exercises are useful for either individual or group reflection.

Ms Stephanie Revell
Health and Wellbeing, University of Cumbria
May 28, 2014

(Not Early Years) This is an excellent text; its format, which creates student 'characters' for the reader to relate to throughout, personalises the subject in a meaningful way. The exercises are very useful for classroom activities and debates and the summary and timeline of philosophers is excellent.

Miss Gem Duncan
Community Health, Hereford & Ludlow College
May 22, 2014

Proctor has successfully written a book on counselling ethics that is both engaging and instructive. The activities provided throughout enable the reader to apply theory to themselves and to real life situations. I will be recommending this book to my students.

Mr Richard Palmer
Humanities, Weston College
May 10, 2014

This book particularly provides a helpful walk through understanding values and how this impacts on therapy. It provides examples and exercised throughout, that I as a lecturer will work through with my students.
It also takes a no nonsense look at working ethically. A really helpful book.

Mrs Nicola Grass
Dept of Care and Early Years, Weston College
May 9, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter One: What are your personal values?