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Video Ethnography in Practice

Video Ethnography in Practice
Planning, Shooting, and Editing for Social Analysis

November 2016 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Video Ethnography in Practice is a brief guide for students in the social disciplines who are required to produce an ethnographic video, the most significant new methodological technique in 21st century social analysis. The authors, both accomplished videographers, cover the basic techniques of creating a video that documents human culture and behavior with true stories of the process of videography throughout. This text shows how new technologies like smart phones, widely available video editing software, and YouTube, have turned video ethnography into something that is within reach of students in a conventional course framework.


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Chapter One – Introduction
A Bit of History

What’s New?

A Bit of Theory

Selecting a Topic

Case, Example, and Instance of

Chapter Two – Strategies
The Videoactive Context

The Fluid Wall

Impression Management in Video Ethnography

The Moment of Deflection

Interview, Sound, and Selfie

Chapter Three – Shooting
Get Your Gear Ready

Managing Gear in the Field

Shut Up and Shoot!

Shooting in Manual Mode

Basic Cinematic Techniques

Offloading, Storing, and Organizing Your Footage

Going Into the Field to Make Your Film

Chapter Four – Editing

Principles of Editing

Asset Management

Core Editing Maneuvers

A Final Pointer: Edit While You Shoot!

Chapter Five – Distribution
Showing Your Film to Your Subjects, or “Keepin’ It Real”



Reference and Recommended Films
About the Authors
Key features
  • Step-by-step instructions on shooting and editing make teaching easier for instructors who lack firsthand videography experience.
  • Real life stories of shooting video in the field convey the excitement of this new method to students.
  • Introductory sections on strategy offer an easy to learn theory of video ethnography when students imagine themselves going into the field.
  • Coverage of video distribution gives practical advice to students about entering their work into film festivals.





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