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Vocalizing Silence

Vocalizing Silence
Political Protests in Orissa, 1930-42

First Edition

November 2008 | 436 pages | SAGE India
This book is a detailed study of the different facets of the national movement and of popular protests in Orissa. The volume documents the role of different social classes, groups, and strata in the social reach of these movements.

A large amount of archival and non-archival sources, previously untapped, are explored in this volume. This research is analyzed and organized within the framework of a distinct historiography to underline the hegemonic nature of the national movement in terms of a moral – ideological struggle involving the minds of millions of Indian people vis-à-vis the British Raj.

Phases of Swaraj Politics: Civil Disobedience Movement, 1930-34
Structuring of the Left
Mobilization, Resistance and Popular Initiatives: Peasant and Tribal Movements, 1935-39
Struggling Against the Rulers: Popular Movements in the Princely States
Situating the Congress Ministry, 1937-39
Return to Agitation: Signalling Quit India, 1940-41
Making of Swaraj: The 1942 Movement

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ISBN: 9780761936343