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Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009

Voter Turnout in the United States 1788-2009

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October 2010 | 904 pages | CQ Press

Find out how voter turnout has turned the tide of countless elections and thereby American history, from the White House to your local district

Based on meticulous research on participation in U.S. elections dating back to 1788, this important new work provides comprehensive turnout statistics for general and  primary elections for presidential, congressional, and state gubernatorial races. Extensive graphs and tables detail over two centuries of trends:

  • Turnout data presented in 20-year periods
  • Voter turnout by party affiliation
  • State level data

Voter turnout—the percentage of eligible citizens who cast ballots in a given election— offers insight into the health of American democracy at any given moment in time or over a span of years. Ideal for elections scholars and researchers at academic, community college, and public libraries, Voter Turnout in the United States will be a must-have reference for those interested in American elections and civic participation in politics.

Key Features

  • Annual state-by-state voter turnout statistics date back to the early years of the republic during the rise of mass electoral behavior
  • Turnout for presidential, U.S. Senate and state gubernatorial elections, plus aggregate state-level data for U.S. House elections
  • Election law changes that impact voting trends
  • Figures and graphs with aggregate trends in participation rates over time

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ISBN: 9781604265958

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