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What Every Principal Should Know About Cultural Leadership

What Every Principal Should Know About Cultural Leadership

October 2005 | 144 pages | Corwin

Set the tone for schoolwide success and watch student achievement soar!

Heightened student achievement is cultivated in a safe, stimulating, and cooperative learning environment. This user-friendly guide provides principals ways to focus on creating a positive school climate and culture, realizing visionary leadership, embracing cultural diversity, and promoting school self-renewal.

Both research based and rich with examples, this second volume of a seven-part series will instill confidence in new principals and renew the enthusiasm of veteran administrators. Its straightforward insights and proven best practices make it a one-stop resource for harnessing the power of school culture to boost morale and achievement while fostering a successful learning community schoolwide.

This well-organized resource crystallizes key points for quick access and easy implementation through features such as: 

  • "Before We Get Started" questionnaire and response analysis
  • Case study and accompanying reflective questions
  •  "What You Should Know About" section framing each chapter
  •  Self-assessment resource for determining effectiveness of cultural leadership

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About the Author
Questionnaire: Before We Get Started...
1. Introduction
Case Study and Reflective Questions

2. Best Practices in Sustaining Positive Organizational Climate and Culture
Building Relationships With Students

Building Relationships With Teachers

Building an Ethic of Caring

Building Staff Morale


3. Best Practices in Visionary Leadership
Examining Beliefs and Values

Composing a Vision Statement

Actualizing Your Vision


4. Best Practices in Promoting Cultural Diversity
Encouraging Culturally Relevant Teaching

Debunking Myths About Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Leading in Culturally Relevant Ways


5. Best Practices in Fostering Organization Self-Renewal
Dealing With the Problem of Change

Dealing With the Problem of Conflict

Dealing With the Challenge of Renewal


Conclusion: Building and Sustaining a Learning Community
Resource A. Realities of Cultural Leadership: In-Basket Simulations
Resource B. Assessing Your Role as Cultural Leader
Resource C. An Annotated Bibliography of Best Resources

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