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Where Does the Money Go?

Where Does the Money Go?
Resource Allocation in Elementary and Secondary Schools

© 1995 | 296 pages | Corwin
Policymakers and the public in general want to know how schools and districts spend the tax funds they receive. Even though the real dollar amount spent on each pupil is going up, performance measures have remained flat or declined. Until now, there have been few comprehensive sources for understanding how educational resources are used. This unique book provides educators with an understanding of how tax dollars are spent--from the district level all the way down to the students in the classroom. The authors of each chapter, all distinguished educators, give you the facts and show you what effect those expenditures actually have on the school lives of pupils and classroom teachers. Picus and Wattenbarger have created an invaluable tool that will help educators, and other proponents of our public schools, explain the flow of educational resources. Here are the statistics and the research results that can help inform the debate over how much should be spent on our children's education and how those funds should be used. Sixteenth yearbook of the American Education Finance Association (AEFA).
Lawrence O Picus
Lawrence O Picus and Minaz B Fazel
Why Do We Need to Know What Money Buys?
Research on Resource Allocation Patterns in Elementary and Secondary Schools  
Eric A Hanushek
The Quest for Equalized Mediocrity
School Finance Reform without Consideration of School Performance  
Richard D Laine, Rob Greenwald, and Larry V Hedges
Money Does Matter
A Research Synthesis of a New Universe of Education Production Function Studies  
Linda Hertert
Does Equal Funding for Districts Mean Equal Funding for Classroom Students?
Evidence from California  
Yasser A Nakib
Beyond District-Level Expenditures
Schooling Resource Allocation and Use in Florida  
Sheree T Speakman et al
Bringing Money to the Classroom
A Systemic Resource Allocations Model Applied to the New York City Public Schools  
Neil D Theobald and R Mark Gritz
Allocating Resources to Influence Teacher Retention
David M Anderson
Stretching the Tax Dollar
Increasing Efficiency in Urban and Rural Schools  
Thomas B Timar
The Allocation of Educational Resources and School Finance Equity in Ohio
R Craig Wood and Jeffrey Maiden
Resource Allocation Patterns within School Finance Litigation Strategies
Priscilla Wohlstetter and Amy Van Kirk
Redefining School-Based Budgeting for High-Involvement
Carolyn D Herrington
The Politics of School-Level Finance Data and State Policy Making
James W Guthrie
Implications for Policy
What Might Happen in American Education If It Were Known How Money Actually Is Spent?  

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