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Wider Professional Practice in Education and Training

Wider Professional Practice in Education and Training

First Edition

August 2016 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Developing an understanding of professional practice is essential for anyone training to teach in the further education and skills sector. This go-to guide will give you a clear understanding of the major topics covered in the mandatory Wider Professional Practice and Development unit of the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, and more broadly explores the value of professionalism to all aspects of further education.


Key coverage includes:

·         Understanding learners and attitudes to learning

·         How to do action research

·         Professional observation and development

·         Making sense of education policy

·         Teacher expectations

·         Challenges to equality and diversity

·         The inclusive curriculum

These topics are discussed within a wider political and socio-economic context, and are supported by insightful case studies and activities.

This is essential for anyone studying the Diploma in Education and Training, and recommended reading for related courses in the further education and skills sector.

Understanding Learners in the Further Education Sector
Professionalism and Professional Practice in Further Education
Teacher Expectations
Attitudes to Learning
Challenges to equality and diversity
Quality improvement, observation and professional development
Working with stakeholders
Inclusive Curriculum
Empowering learners and the value of learning
Policy and Practice
Action Research in Further Education
Going Forward: The future of FE

This informative and accessible text will be welcomed by teachers, trainers and - most of all - trainee teachers in the further education sector, for whom it offers a wealth of information and support. I particularly like the way it encourages the reader to reflect on key issues and practices

Susan Wallace
Emeritus Professor of Education, Nottingham Trent University

Few textbooks are both practical and insightful. Few textbooks are both well researched and relevant to the immediate concerns of practitioners. Few textbooks combine the critical with the constructive. Few textbooks are written to make policy personal. This book is all of these things and is a tremendous resource for teacher educators and will be much appreciated and enjoyed by trainee teachers during their initial teacher education studies.

Stephen Ball
Institute of Education, UCL

This is an essential book and highly recommended. now well read

Mrs Patricia Ann Allison
NVQ Office, Wiltshire and Somerset Colleges Partnership Ltd
November 4, 2016

Trialled this book with a Yr 2 Diploma student who has found it invaluable in supporting and enhancing own research. For new teacher /trainers it illustrates both effective and practical ideas for undertaking Action Research.

Ms Tish Jean Cooney
Education , Sparsholt College Hampshire
August 30, 2016

This book is every bit as useful and engaging as you would hope. It is written with the needs of learners in mind, and approaches the topics covered in a way that draws you in to read more.

Dr Walter Riggans
Cliff College, Cliff College
May 26, 2016

wide range of issues discussed in the text. Would be suitable for learners to access for any type of training or tutoring field.

Mrs Sandra Dawn Swinhoe
Education , Newcastle College
May 4, 2016