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Women, Gender, and Crime

Women, Gender, and Crime
Core Concepts

First Edition
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January 2018 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Women, Crime, and Justice: Core Concepts, provides a complete and concise view into the world of women interacting with the criminal justice system. Author Stacy L. Mallicoat explores core topics on women as victims, offenders, and criminal justice workers as they interact with various areas in criminal justice. She investigates relevant subjects that are not found in many traditional texts, including women who work as victim advocates, and international issues of crime and justice for women. She also highlights important discussions such as rape in the military or the Girls Scouts Beyond Bars program, and offers case studies on well-known offenders such as Mary Kay Letourneau and Andrea Yates. 


Chapter 1: Women and Crime: An Introduction
The Influence of Feminism on Studies of Women and Crime  
Women and Crime  
Data Sources on Women as Victims and Offenders  
The Contributions of Feminist Methodology to Research on Women and Crime  
Chapter 2: Theoretical Foundations of Women and Victimization
Victims and the Criminal Justice System  
Fear of Victimization  
Theories on Victimization  
Chapter 3: Rape and Sexual Assault
Historical Perspectives on Rape and Sexual Assault  
Defining Sexual Victimization  
Prevalence of Rape and Sexual Assault  
Rape Myths  
Acquaintance versus Stranger Assault  
Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault  
Spousal Rape  
Spotlight on Statutory Rape  
Same Sex Sexual Violence  
Racial Differences in Sexual Assault  
The Role of Victims in Sexual Assault Cases  
Chapter 4: Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking
Historical Perspectives on Intimate Partner Abuse  
Defining and Identifying Intimate Partner Abuse  
The Cycle of Violence  
Victims of Intimate Partner Abuse  
Barriers to Leaving an Abusive Relationship  
Victim Experiences with Police and Courts  
Programming Concerns for Victims of Intimate Partner Abuse  
Stalking and Unwanted Pursuit Behaviors  
Victims and Offenders of Stalking  
Laws on Stalking  
Chapter 5: International Victimizations of Women
Human Trafficking  
The Women of Juarez  
Spotlight on Witch Burnings in Papua New Guinea  
Female Genital Mutilation  
Honor Based Violence  
Spotlight on Malala Yousafzai  
Chapter 6: Theoretical Foundations of Women and Offending
Theoretical Perspectives on Female Offending  
Chapter 7: Girls and Juvenile Delinquency
The Rise of the Juvenile Court and the Sexual Double Standard  
The Nature and Extent of Female Delinquency  
The “Violent” Girl  
Technical Violations: The New Status Offense  
Risk Factors for Female Delinquency  
Meeting the Unique Needs of Delinquent Girls  
Chapter 8: Female Offenders and Their Crimes
Data on Female Offending  
Women and Drugs  
Property Crime  
Women and Violent Crime  
Chapter 9: Processing and Sentencing of Female Offenders
Stage of the Criminal Justice System  
Race Effects and the Processing of Female Offenders  
The Effects of Extralegal Factors on Sentencing Women  
The Effects of Sentencing Guidelines on Judicial Decision Making  
International Perspectives on the Processing of Female Offenders  
Chapter 10: The Supervision of Women: Community Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry
Gender-Responsive Programming for Women  
The Supervision of Women in the Community  
Women on Parole  
Reentry Issues for Incarcerated Women  
Recidivism and Female Offenders  
Chapter 11: The Incarceration of Women
Historical Context of Female Prisons  
Contemporary Issues for Incarcerated Women  
Physical and Mental Health Needs of Incarcerated Women  
Children of Incarcerated Mothers: The Unintended Victims  
Chapter 12: Women and Work in the Criminal Justice System: Policing and Correctional Services
Women in Policing  
Women in Corrections  
Community Corrections: Female Probation and Parole Officers  
Chapter 13: Women and Work in the Criminal Justice System: Legal and Victim Services
Women and the Law  
Women and the Judiciary  
Women and Work in Victim Services  


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