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Women in School Leadership

Women in School Leadership

First Edition
  • N. Mythili - Assistant Professor, National Centre for School Leadership, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA), New Delhi

June 2019 | 260 pages | SAGE India
School leadership quality is among the biggest factors ensuring high-quality student learning worldwide. Women school leaders develop greater interactivity with children, helping them achieve greater engagement with learning and better results. Developing women school leaders is therefore key to improving school education in India and across the world. 

The proportion of women teachers in developing countries, including India, has risen significantly in recent years. However, their participation in school leadership is comparatively low due to ingrained negative perceptions as well as several sociocultural barriers. 

Women in School Leadership
 aims to document vividly the initiative by women, especially in developing countries, to achieve parity in school leadership. It analyses and interprets qualitative primary data collected from detailed case studies of women school heads, and secondary data from Unified District Information System for Education (U-DISE), the Indian national database for school information, as per a multi-disciplinary approach. The book validates the current level of progress and suggests ways to improve the situation further through policy measures and by reducing barriers to women’s school leadership development. Success in this endeavour is expected to lead to gender equality, scope for fair access and the promotion of the merit principle in education, competition and employment opportunities in schools.

School Leadership of Women in Developing Countries: Perspectives and Practices
The Third Billion in Development Discourse
Factors Influencing Women’s School Leadership in Developing Countries
School Leadership of Women in India
Swirl of Structure–Agency Interaction: A Threat
Overview of the Book
Structure–Agency Interaction and Human Development
Career and Human Development
Structure–Agency Interaction and Human Development
Life-Course Approach and Human Development
Ecology of Human Development
The ‘Whole’ and the ‘whole’ Relationship for Human Development
Agency of Women School Leader and Human Development
Power, Authority and Power Differentials Central Argument and Its Relationship to Research Question
Methodological Approach for the Study
Participation of Women in School Leadership Positions in India: Opportunities and Outcomes
Representation of Women in School Leadership
Positions in Developing Countries
Equal Opportunities and Outcomes Influencing the Participation
Examining Opportunities for School Leadership Positions in Education System
Representation of Women in School Leadership
Positions across Different School Categories
Other Factors Influencing the Representation of Women in School Leadership Positions
Ladder of School Leadership of Women
Emergent Property of School Leadership of Women: Process and Outcomes
Agency of Women
Determinants of School Leadership of Successful Women in India
Conceptual Framework for Structure–Agency Interaction: Threefold Matrices
Studying a Fivefold Structure–Agency Interaction
Tracing the Path of School Leadership of Women
Legitimization of School Leadership of Women
Legitimacy of School Leadership of Women in India: Constructing a Conceptual Model
Legitimization Process of Women School Leaders
A Continuum of Interaction for Legitimacy between Leadership-Focus Behaviour and Gender Perspective
Theorizing School Leadership of Women in the Indian Context
Looking through the Lens of Social Ontology
An Overview of the Process of Theorization of School Leadership of Women in the Indian Context
Path-Wise Exposition to Theorization of School Leadership of Women in the Indian Context
Quest for Success
Defining School Leadership for Women in the Indian Context
Policy Implications
Key features
• This book focuses on school leadership of women, a rather new and critical area of research in the context of school education worldwide and particularly in India.

• It provides a holistic view of women’s leadership development in Indian schools.

• The book highlights examples of successful women leaders to help motivate and train women educators in a developing country context.

• It provides an array of methodological approaches to study the processes by which success is achieved by women leaders in school education in India.

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ISBN: 9789353283780

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