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Women in Science and Technology

Women in Science and Technology
Confronting Inequalities

First Edition

December 2019 | 256 pages | SAGE India

Women in Science and Technology: Confronting Inequalities comprehensively explores women’s status in the Science and Technology (S&T) domain by rigorously analysing and interpreting extensive recent information on major areas such as engineering, medicine, physical sciences, biosciences and mathematics. The book forcefully demonstrates that gender-based differences and expectations play the determining role in limiting women’s participation in S&T. These exist in various forms, from making subject choices in school and opting for specific disciplines in college to embracing specific career avenues such as scientific research. This book shows how the construction of gendered identities is perpetuated through a masculine culture in the informal environment of elite educational institutes and in major S&T workplaces such as academia and research laboratories, which serve together to exclude women from peer groups and opportunities for advancement.

 The book makes substantive recommendations for policy measures on college admissions, improvement of institutional and organizational environments, and recruitment and capacity building for women in S&T. It calls for substantially reducing the myriad societal and familial barriers through cooperation and understanding.

Foreword by Henry Etzkowitz
Introduction: Context and Theoretical Overview
Indian Culture, Gender and S&T Education
Higher Education in S&T: Gendered Domains and Institutes
Women in S&T Professions
Gender in S&T Organizations
Undoing Gender-Based Inequality

“It has derived information from various sources and has been presented in such a way that you wouldn't want to miss even a single page. The idea is genuine and the ways in which women were suppressed in the past and how they are slowly coming up breaking the myth of "Men are superficial" has been captured real well… If you are working towards "Women Empowerment", this book shouldn't be missed for sure.“

Sarath Babu’s Lifestyle Blog, December 2019

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