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Women's Encounters with Violence

Women's Encounters with Violence
Australian Experiences

Edited by:

July 1997 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The issue of violence against women in countries around the world continues to receive increasing public, media, political, and scholarly attention. While research findings in WomenÆs Encounters of Violence in Australia are framed within a specific perspective, they extend beyond national boundaries to provide a critical analysis needed to change political and social policies worldwide. Editors Sandy Cook and Judith Bessant introduce the history of violence in Australia and examine how culturally embedded laws and customs have acted like locks on womenÆs oppression. In addition to culture-specific topics such as the injustices suffered by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, the contributors also explore issues that cross cultural boundaries, including violence against women with disabilities, homeless women, and lesbians. Promoting a crucial international context to this pervasive problem, WomenÆs Encounters of Violence in Australia proves an excellent supplemental text for students as well as an accessible and timely resource for a broad range of professionals in counseling, social work, health care, and law and faculty in sociology, public policy, and womenÆs studies.

Sandy Cook and Judith Bessant
Australian History, Policy and Denial
Violence against Women

Lesley Chenoweth
Violence and Women with Disabilities
Silence and Paradox

Lee FitzRoy
Mother/Daughter Rape
A Challenge for Feminism

Gail Mason
(Hetero)sexed Hostility and Violence toward Lesbians
Linda Hancock
Aboriginality and Lawyering
Problems of Justice for Aboriginal Defendants Focus on Partner Homicide Cases

Jocelynne A Scutt
Judicial Bias
Confronting Prejudice in the Courtroom

Julie Stubbs
Shame, Defiance and Violence against Women
A Critical Analysis of `Communitarian' Conferencing

Thérèse McCarthy
Rethinking Theories of Victimology
Men's Violence against Women

Melissa Lucashenko
Violence against Indigenous Women
Private and Public Dimensions

Susanne Davies
Women, War and the Violence of History
An Australian Perspective

Adrian Howe
Men's Violence in the News
The War against Women

Suzanne E Hatty
The Violence of Displacement
The Problematics of Survival for Homeless Young Women

Kerry Carrington
Governing Sexual Violence
Criminalization and Citizenship


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