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World Affairs

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eISSN: 19401582 | ISSN: 00438200 | Current volume: 180 | Current issue: 3 Frequency: Quarterly
Established in 1837, World Affairs is a quarterly international affairs journal that argues the big ideas behind US foreign policy. Always striving to encourage open and informed debate, we are committed to offering our readers a healthy range of perspective and opinion to help clarify the challenges and choices that America faces in our increasingly complex and dangerous world. Our pages — occasionally unruly, seldom dull, and always edifying — feature conservatives like Robert Kagan and P. J. O’Rourke alongside liberals like George Packer and David Rieff, and others who transcend categories, such as Christopher Hitchens. This variety makes for some of the best conversation available anywhere in print and online.

Founded in 1837, World Affairs is a quarterly journal showcasing provocative and original research in international and current affairs. For decades it has been renowned for publishing articles on policy as it is practiced—pieces that excite controversy and encourage debate. As of 2016, World Affairs’ longstanding tradition as a leader of political debate continues in its new and more academic incarnation. Articles should adhere to the high standards of an academic journal in the depth and rigor of their research. They should nevertheless actively bridge the academic and public spheres and promote stimulating conversation between them. To that end, its timely articles must be accessible to a generalist audience and framed with that audience in mind. Its jargon-free studies should also make practical recommendations to an audience of policy makers.

World Affairs welcomes submissions in politics, policy and current affairs from an international perspective. Areas include, but are not restricted to: economics, commerce/trade, public administration, diplomacy, public opinion, current affairs, defense, security, foreign policy, international relations/affairs, international law, regionalization, transnational social and political issues, international political economy, the global world order, international regulation, environmental issues, immigration and development. We encourage topicality and actively invite interdisciplinarity. No methodology is preferred, though the underpinning framework of the author’s argument should be immediately explicit to readers.

World Affairs will consider articles of 9,000 words or less, referenced in Chicago Style. Articles undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review with final publication subject to the approval of the Editor.

Editor Emeritus
Managing Editor
Copy Editor
Communications Director
Editorial Assistant
Editorial Board
Andrew J. Bacevich Boston University, USA
Peter Collier  
Helene Cooper  
Jeffrey Gedmin School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, USA
Tom Gjelten National Public Radio, USA
Roya Hakakian Whitney Humanities Center, Yale University, USA
Robert Kagan Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, USA
Joshua Muravchik School for Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, USA
P.J. O’Rourke  
Ronald Steel University of Southern California, USA
Leon Wieseltier  
Jay Winik  
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