Writing for Emerging Sociologists

Writing for Emerging Sociologists

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Designed to introduce students to the variety of writing projects that sociologists undertake, this book offers practical knowledge concerning topics such as peer reviewed journal manuscripts, book reviews, grant proposals, and field notes. Writing for Emerging Sociologists uses writing as a tool to help students learn not only about sociology as a field of study, but to learn about the practice of sociology from current practitioners. This book provides useful advice and instruction for sociology undergraduate and graduate students whether they plan to enter or continue in the academy or in the private, non-profit, or government sectors. The fundamental goals of this book are to increase the quality of student writing and increase student knowledge of the field of sociology.

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Introduction to Writing in Sociology
The Bricks and Mortar of Writing
Writing and the Search for Literature: Proposals, Library Research, and the Preparation of Literature
Writing Textual Analyses: Literature Reviews, Book Reviews, Annotated Bibliographies, and Encyclopedia Entries
Writing for the Institutional Review Board
Writing and the Research Grant Application Process
Writing and the Data Collection Process
Writing Empirical Papers for Journal Submission
Editing and Revising
Writing for the Public
Writing in Graduate School and Beyond

Very useful book for final year undergraduate students working on their dissertations/research projects.

Dr Marina Shapira
school of applied, Stirling University
June 8, 2015

It's a terrific auxiliary text for the Writing in Sociology course.

Dr Dan Morgan
Sociology Dept, University Of San Francisco
May 8, 2015

An interesting book that some of my students might find useful

Ms Allison Dunhill
Centre for Educational Studies, Hull University
March 15, 2014

concise, clear, important

Professor Richelle Winkler
Social Sciences, Michigan Technological University
January 24, 2014

Next semester

Mrs Kelly Porter
Social Behavioral Science Dept, Capital Community College
October 17, 2013
Key features


  • The authors cover writing topics/styles not often addressed in social science writing texts, including: constructing emails and letters, selecting a research topic, library database keyword searches, book reviews, encyclopedia entries, the IRB process, grant writing, editing and revising, writing for newspapers, magazines, and blogs, and policy briefs, cover letters, letters of intent, curriculum vitaes, and even the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Additionally, this title offers more specific instruction on more standard topics, such as citation styles, writing a research paper, and literature review.
  • Offering a variety of writing levels and styles that sociologists will encounter at different times in their career, this title examines how to properly word a professional email, write a curriculum vitae, respond to reviewer feedback, and write grant proposals. Additionally, it addresses how writing is used overall within the discipline.
  • Not all writing falls within the realm of the strictly academic; much of the writing sociologists will do on a daily basis is based on the use of technology in today’s world. This title addresses writing in letters, e-mails, and blogs, as well as discussing how technology is used in information gathering and analysis.
  • The “Writing in Practice” section provides an illustration of the applicability of skills learned: how different sociologists approach the type of writing addressed in the chapter.
  • Chapter exercises provide students and sociologists with related activities.

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