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Writing Successful Grant Proposals from the Top Down and Bottom Up

Writing Successful Grant Proposals from the Top Down and Bottom Up

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April 2013 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This text provides comprehensive advice on how to build a successful grant proposal, from the top down and from the bottom up. Editor Robert J. Sternberg gathers editorial expertise from distinguished members of associations in the Federation of Associations of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, which includes some of the most successful grant applicants and grant givers in the field of brain and behavioral sciences. The chapter authors offer readers practical advice on planning, executing, submitting, and revising grant proposals in order to maximize their chances of success. Exploring both grant writers' and grant providers' perspectives, the text provides valuable insight into general strategies on how to write and submit proposals, as well as detailed information on the various types of proposals needed to reach particular research and teaching goals.

Robert Sternberg
1. Securing a Research Grant
Emilie Rissman
2. Guide to Professional Begging
Robert Levenson
3. Mistakes That Grant Proposers Make
Robin A. Barr
4. It's Not Just the Science: Navigating the National Institutes of Health Application Process
William Riley, Tracy Waldeck, Lisa Onken
5. Navigating the Grant Process at the National Institutes of Health
Howard Eichenbaum
6. Writing a Grant Proposal for the National Institiutes of Health: Generalities and Specifics
Nathan Fox
7. Applying for a Research Grant From the National Institutes of Health: A Primer
John Dovidio, Louis Penner, Terrance Albrecht
9. Writing a Grant Proposal for the National Science Foundation
Susan Chipman
10. Obtaining Department of Defense Funding for Research in the Behavioral Sciences
Eduardo Salas, Marissa Shuffler
11. Writing Grant Proposals for Military Agencies
Lynn Okagaki
12. Preparing Institute of Education Sciences Applications: There's (Almost) an App for That
Eva Baker
13. Securing Support for High-Quality Scientific Research and Development in Educational Sciences
Susan Fitzpatrick, M. Dolezalek
14. Diversifying Your Funding Portfolio: The Role of Private funders
Morton Gernsbacher
15. Seeking Funding From Private Foundations
Cynthia Null, Bettina Beard
16. Funding Opportunities at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Jon Atherton, Nathan Hansen, Jeannette Ickovics
17. Building a Strong Institutional Research Training Program
Denise Park
18. Interdisciplinary and Interinstitutional Collaboration on Research Grants: Hard but Fun!
Joseph L. Young
8. While You're Up, Get Me a Grant! Grantsmanship From the Perspective of a Retired National Science Foundation Grant Giver

"...this book provides comprehensive advice on planning, executing, submitting, and revising grant proposals to maximize chances for success.... Summing Up: Highly Recommended."

J.J. Harrison
Michigan State University
Key features


  • Explores general strategies and tactics in writing successful proposals, including laying the groundwork, follow-up, attracting colleagues to participate, revisions, and resubmissions.
  • Examines key mistakes that grant-proposers often make and offers suggestions for how to avoid them.
  • Contains chapters on specific agencies by both successful receivers and givers of grants, providing key insights into different points of view in the grant application process.
  • Includes tips for writing specific proposals for various agencies such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Education, and military agencies.
  • Covers submissions to all major granting organizations funding work in the brain and behavioral sciences.
  • Sponsored by the Federation of Associations of Brain and Behavioral Sciences, with an editorial board consisting of individuals who have received hundreds of grants from major organizations.

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