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World Water Week 2016

World Water Week

To mark World Water Week 2016 we have made some of our most important and thought-provoking articles on the subject free to access. Explore papers from our Geography and Urban Studies journals across a number of areas: Water and Sanitation/Development, Water in a Physical Geography Context, Water Management/Industry and Conservation? And Water and Culture.

Water and Sanitation/Development

Missing the Millennium Development Goal targets for water and sanitation in urban areas

David Satterthwaite, Environment and Urbanization, April 2016; vol. 28 (1), 99-118


Our needs, our priorities; women and men from the slums in Mumbai and Pune talk about their needs for water and sanitation

Meera Bapat and Indu Agarwal, Environment and Urbanization, October 2003; vol. 15 (2), 71-86



Ruth Olden, Cultural Geographies, published online before print, February 2016; 1 - 5


Constructing ‘Public’ Water: The World Bank, Urban Water Supply, and the Biopolitics of Development

Karen Bakker, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 2013; vol. 31, 280 - 300


Do neighbourhood facilities matter for slum housing? Evidence from Indian slum clusters
Saudamini Das, Arup Mitra and Rajnish Kumar, Urban Studies, published online before print March 2016; 1- 17


Unjust waters: climate change, flooding and the urban poor in Africa

Ian Douglas, Kurshid Alam, Maryanne Maghenda, Yasmin Mcdonnell, Louise Mclean, and Jack Campbell, Environment and Urbanization, April 2008; vol. 20 (1), 187 - 205


Disciplining de factor development: water theft and hydrosocial order in Tijuana

Katharine Meehan, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, April 2013; vol. 31 (2), 319 - 336


Water in a Physical Geography Context

Special Issue on the impact of climate change on water in the UK

Progress in Physical Geography, February 2015; vol. 39 (1)


The Geographies of Urban Density: Topology, Politics and the City

Colin McFarlane, Progress in Human Geography, published online before print, October 2015; 1 - 20


The Anthropocene as Rupture

Clive Hamilton, The Anthropocene Review, August 2016; vol. 3 (2), 93-106


Paradigms, Projections and People
Frank Oldfield, The Anthropocene Review, August 2016; vol. 3 (2), 163-172


The Little Ice Age Article Collection
 Edited by Prof. Frank Chambers, The Holocene


Water Management/Industry and Conservation?

Decentralization, participation and deliberation in water governance: a case study of the implications for Guarulhos, Brazil

Francine van den Brandeler,  Michaela Hordijk,  Kim von Schönfeld  and John Sydenstricker-Neto, Environment and Urbanization, October 2014; vol. 26 (2), 489-504


The weight of water: Benchmarking for public water services
David A McDonald, Environment and Planning A, published online before print June 2016, 1 -20


Taming, controlling and metabolizing flows: Water and the urbanization process of Barcelona and Madrid (1850–2012)

Hug March, European Urban and Regional Studies, October 2015; vol. 22 (4), 350-367


Does Private Management of Water Supply Services Really Increase Prices? An Empirical Analysis in Spain
Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira, Maria A. García-Valiñas and

Francisco González-Gómez, Urban Studies, April 2009; vol. 46 (4), 923 - 945


Water, Technology, and Development: Transformations of Development Technonatures in Changing Waterscapes
Farhana Sultana, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, April 2013; vol. 31 (2), 337 - 353


Good Water Governance without Good Urban Governance? Regulation, Service Delivery Models, and Local Government
Kathryn Furlong

Environment and Planning A, November 2012; vol. 44 (11), 2721-2741


Water and Culture

Women and water in rural Maharashtra

Brinda Rao, Environment and Urbanization, October 1991; vol. 3 (2), 57 - 65


Water Towers: A Study in the Cultural Geographies of Zionist Mythology

Maoz Azaryahu, Cultural Geographies, July 2001; vol. 8 (3), 317-339


Music and landscape: two tales of borehole drilling in the Karoo

Willemien Froneman, Cultural Geographies, October 2015; vol. 22 (4), 713-722


Rescaling irrigation in Latin America: the cultural images and political ecology of water resources

Karl S. Zimmerer, Cultural Geographies, April 2000; vol. 7 (2), 150-175


Geographies of shit: Spatial and temporal variations in attitudes towards human waste
Sarah Jewitt, Progress in Human Geography, October 2011; vol. 35 (5), 608 - 626