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Build Your Personal Brand

August 2021 | 308 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
A strong personal brand does not come about by chance, it is the outcome of an endeavour towards creating and projecting the person you are. Just as a product needs active marketing and promotion to generate awareness and draw attention of potential buyers, a personal brand needs promotion to gain visibility and recognition amongst stakeholders. 

Opening doors for opportunities, resources and information, #YOU: Build Your Personal Brand talks about building and maintaining your personal brand. It will enable you to reinstate your ability to forge constructive relationships and build strong networks. The book also discusses how to present your personal style based on attire, communication, body language and confidence.  

Creating those positive first impressions, this book provides insights and practical tips for having a voice at the table.

Foreword by Sumanto Chattopadhyay
SECTION I Defining a Brand
What Is a Personal Brand?
Dimensions of a Brand
SECTION II Substance: The First Dimension
Doing the Right Thing
Building Your Professional Competence
SECTION III Connect: The Second Dimension
The Power of a Network
Your Networking Plan
Networking a Room
Making a Real Connection
SECTION IV Visibility: The Third Dimension
Promoting Yourself without Seeming to
The Power of Social Media: Amplify Your Reach
SECTION V Wrapping: The Fourth Dimension
Making Your Wrapping Work
Speak Your Brand
Your Action Plan

The book is very well written and, in a simple way, guides the reader through the building blocks of creating and enhancing the personal brand. I loved the way the storytelling technique has been used by Charu to demonstrate some of the concepts. The action-based approach is commendable as it aims to embed the learning in the reader’s psyche.

Mukta Arya
Regional Head of Human Resources Societe Generale (APAC)

The ‘four dimensions of a personal brand’ explained in the book gives the reader a clear direction on things-to-do to build one’s brand. The book is supported with stories which enhance the recall value, and the simple, easy-to-use and high-impact tools and exercises deepen one’s self-awareness and put the reader on the path of developing and strengthening the personal brand. This is a must-have book in everyone’s personal library.

Akshaya Kashyap
Vice President, Human Resources, Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited

Besides the fact that Charu’s book deep dives into the ‘what’ of personal brand building, it also comes in at a time when each one of us had had an excruciating pandemic event that has led us to introspect and self-assess even more on building our personal equity and brand. I highly recommend Charu’s #YOU: Build Your Personal Brand. It is for everyone as it successfully addresses presumably the greatest question never asked by many—what is my personal value proposition and how do I strengthen it? Go ahead, engage with the book and you will emerge a different person.

Abhishek Jha
Vice President, HR, Writer Information

#YOU: Build Your Personal Brand provides a refreshing and an integrated approach on personal branding. In this book, Charu has skilfully crafted a narrative and offered a tapestry for young and emerging professionals to introspect, discover and build an impactful and authentic personal brand needed to be successful in our modern society. I would categorize this book as a do-ityourself guide on personal branding.

Ravi Kingrani
Head Capability Development, Global Banking and Markets, HSBC

Every one of us wants to leave an impact, build a network that opens doors and tell our story in a memorable way. But to do that we need help. I believe #YOU: Build Your Personal Brand by Charu Sabnavis is just the book to get you started on this journey of learning to pay attention to who you are and how you can leave a positive impression. The book has handy tools, lots of practice opportunities and a clear, thorough structure. No young professional can afford to miss this stepping stone to a better career.

Seema Chowdhry
Vice President, Curriculum Harappa Education

Charu has stepped up to demystify an area that, at best, has got scattered attention—either remaining theoretical or leaning towards tips and tricks. Her book offers both—captivating clarity of the relevant concepts and very practical methods that can be easily learned. I see this as a powerful playbook on the subject. Any corporate executive who believes in the power of building impactful relationships must read this; it will make a difference.

Raj Bowen
Founder and Leadership Coach, New Directions

I congratulate Ms Charu Sabnavis for this very useful work on personal branding. In a highly competitive world laden with information overload, both youngsters and those in their midcareers are often directionless on how to prove and present their worth. This book is in fact a manual for those struggling to prove themselves, and I recommend it not only for students on the threshold of employment but also professionals at different stages in their career.

Dr V. R. Narasimhan
Dean, School of Corporate Governance and School of Regulatory Studies

This book fills a vital knowledge gap as most people are unaware of their own shortcomings in one or more of the four dimensions of their personal brand. The book is rich and holistic, with a clearcut roadmap in a less-explored area.

Professor Sunder Ram Korivi
Senior Consultant, Department of Economic Affairs, National Institute of Financial Management Research Cell

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ISBN: 9789391370428